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With cheerful in the morning! Eight steps to a cheerful morning

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The myth that the morning cannot be good and cheerful, came up with the lazy pessimists. Meanwhile, to boost your energy for the whole day easy. And we’ll show you how to do it. Morning lethargy and the notorious longstanding lack of sleep will not work! From now on, your morning is not only good, but also cheerful!

Step # 1.
We accelerated together with the development of civilization, living on the run and every year sleeping less. Barely stand up, angry at the alarm clock, half asleep to go to work and “Wake up” until after lunch. Apply a pre-emptive strike: before lie down at least an hour early. Yoga is advised to go to bed with the sunset, but as for the modern inhabitant of a megacity is hardly realistic, at least go to bed not later than 23 hours. To recuperate it is enough for an 8-hour sleep. During sleep, the brain will diagnose all systems of the body and normalizes their work is the development of antibodies to infections and growth hormone necessary for tissue repair. While you inspect the second rainbow sleep, secretes the hormone leptin, which is responsible for the absorption of substances in the body.

Step # 2.
Oddly enough, but the extra sleep is not less harmful than chronic lack of sleep. So, Professor Daniel Kripke of the University of California States authoritatively that abnormally short, and long sleep “undermine the psyche.” What this means, an ordinary person, maybe not very clear, but one thing is for sure: if the alarm clock rang, don’t move the time in 10 minutes later. Still have to get up. But do not jump out of bed, as if you got electrocuted! Need to Wake up gradually.

The best way to cheer up – a-massage. Lying on the bed, a lazy stretch like a cat and make a light massage of the head. These simple measures will enhance the flow of energy and the production of endorphins – “hormones of joy”. First, walk your fingers along the hollows at the base of the skull, then – along the lines of “head-top” of, RUB eyebrows, earlobes, temples.

To finally Wake up the body, several times, squeeze and unclench fingers of hands and feet, rotate hands and feet.

But most importantly – smile. A good beginning is half the battle, so smile. Make your day joyful smiles!

Step # 3.
Going to a night club or a Cup of tea on the other night… what a difference from that morning face looks like a pillow? Most importantly, how to deal with it. There are two easy miraculous method. The first blink of the forces, to disperse the swelling under the eyes. Second – me-e-e-slow wipe face with ice. Ideally, frozen chamomile extract. If you do not consider yourself to be supporters of my grandmother’s recipes, simply wash with ice water. Time waits for no man!

Step # 4.
Turn on stereo, TV or even a player if your Pets get up late. Cheer up sounds. See the cartoons, old films or news, if you have a strong mentality. In the meantime, watch, perform simple gymnastic exercises: stand on toes, squeeze and open your buttocks, contract and relax the press. During sleep, muscles become numb, so in the morning it is necessary to charge them with oxygen and thus tone. Move! Even if before work you must visit the gym, do simple exercises. For example, a 20-minute bodyflex. Increase of energy and a slim figure is guaranteed.

Step # 5.
Beautiful weapon against the morning sluggishness and chronic sleep debt – a contrast shower. Not only clarifies the mind, but also perfectly tones the skin. Not ready to pour cold water? Rinse at least cool, just not warm. Use gels with citrus aromas. It is advisable to put on whiskey a couple of drops of invigorating grapefruit oil or massage aromatic balm with ginger. It, along with many other awakening products, you will find in the shops of natural cosmetics.

Step # 6.
Wake yourself with a glass of clean water with lemon slice. Warm or cool up to you, because scientists have not yet agreed on this issue. Make sure you have Breakfast. By the time of the awakening of the blood sugar level falls, as received on the eve of the glucose was processed into energy. The secret of good Breakfast of complex carbohydrates. A great alternative to sandwiches and granola Cup cooked oatmeal with berries or fruit. Eat half a grapefruit. According to British promoter of the healthy lifestyle of Allen Carr, to keep vivacity of spirit and body for many years to help fruit, ideally citrus, Breakfast. Replace coffee with a Cup of green tea. This is a great natural stimulant that acts much softer and more effective than coffee. In the end, all the coffee you can drink with colleagues in the office. At the same time and discuss current plans.

Step # 7.
Vitamin complexes well-toned, improve overall health and boost immunity. So don’t forget to add to your Breakfast useful vitamin that is proven by the manufacturer. This will allow to avoid deficiency and fatigue, hypochondria in anticipation of autumn. Effervescent vitamin C and multi-colored pills, you can substitute a few drops of tincture of ginseng or Siberian ginseng. Ask in pharmacies of the city.

Step # 8.
Last tip: think about the forthcoming working day. Nothing invigorates the morning as thoughts about an upcoming conference or meeting with the chief. Get a diary, plan things carefully. Today you should be particularly vigorous to make another feat of labor. Let the morning is not only good, but also cheerful!

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