What causes the restraint in emotion? Articles on psychology and psychotherapy

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Recently has become popular is a trend in science as psychosomatics. She is on the verge between medicine and psychology and studies the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence and course of somatic (bodily) diseases.

For the health of human emotions is very important. Especially important, do they find a way out. And that repressed feelings are the cause of somatic diseases such as neurosis, depression.

In addition, the emotions that sit inside, lead not only to mental illness but also physical, such as bronchial asthma, vegetative-vascular dystonia, vertigo. The irritation that is inside of you, maybe later “reward” you with gastritis. And the feeling of guilt that day-to-day cultivated, may become in the future this disease, like varicose veins.

Resentment, deep-seated in the soul, is the greatest enemy of our health, are able to badly affect our quality of life. Therefore, it is better without fear of being branded a hypochondriac, to claim to speak aloud than to suffer from asthma or hypertension.

The principle of the influence of repressed resentment simple. At the peak of emotional recovery, restraining his senses, is severe muscle tension, which leads to compression of nerve endings and blood vessels. Oxygen to the cells fails, and there are prerequisites for different diseases.

However, to show his resentment carefully, without creating conflict situations. Be sincere! I want to cry – cry, I want to be angry – admit it frankly. To offense quickly gone, RATHER, farewell, first of all, yourself!

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