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Pain suddenly strikes, when you least expect it… Familiar? This trouble always sneaks up on you, no matter where we were. Our ancestors sincerely believed that pain is the severe punishment, the wrath of gods sent as a punishment to mortals. But in the 1st century BC, the ancient healer Hippocrates proved that pain is a medical symptom that can be eliminated. In 10 minutes you have a business meeting, and you: a severe attack of migraine. Don’t let pain gain the upper hand. Boldly attack!

How to beat a headache?

It is no exaggeration to say that this kind of pain is the most common symptom of various diseases. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases to get rid of it on your own, without professional help.

As strange as it may seem, but headache can be caused by a small “dehydration” of the body. Drink a glass of pure non-carbonated water. Preferably warm. So you remove the vascular spasm, and the head finally relax. RUB whiskey lemon crust, pre-cool it. This is a very simple and effective means known for centuries. Equally effective and oil of fennel – apply few drops on forehead and temples.

If the pain is not very strong, will help pills of Valerian, chamomile tea, Melissa. For making saving funds does not have to run to the pharmacy for herbal collection. Many manufacturers produce tea bags with these useful plants. In that case, if you have high blood pressure, drink a Cup of strong sweet tea. The ordinary, Ceylon. To be sure to kill the pain for 10 minutes put your hands up to the elbow in hot water.

And you will help massage. The index and middle fingers find the hollow at the back, at the base of the skull and slowly “walk” it up and down for a couple minutes. Here is the point responsible for the production of endorphins – “happy hormones” in our body. Accordingly, the headache slowly goes away, and the mood rises.

Find the strength to do this exercise. Right at your Desk. Sit up straight, relax your head and “drop” on his chest. After 20 seconds, lift, and half a minute later again down. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

How to get rid of a toothache?

Dentists never cease to remind you for annual preventive exam, but, hand on heart, ask: who among us does that? And then I wonder what the tooth “suddenly sick”. Unexpectedly. If it still happens, follow these steps:

  • First, clear your tooth from possible food residues.
  • Thoroughly rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda or salt (0.5 teaspoon per 200 ml of water).
  • Use warm water.
  • Prepare a tincture of sage and within a few minutes hold her in the cheek near the affected tooth.
  • Take an analgesic.

In that case, if a tooth hurts for a long time and you are not the first day stoically carry dreadful sufferings, take the antibiotic. What drug will be most useful in this situation, ask the pharmacist. But at the first opportunity, TURN, FINALLY, TO the DENTIST!

How to get rid of neck pain?

Neck suddenly twisted and your head felt heavy? Don’t wait until the pain is going to assert itself. Without wasting time in vain, very slowly and gently rotate your head, try to find a position in which your vertebrae and joints will be most comfortable. Freeze in this position for a while, relax. So you will create the best conditions for relaxation of neck and normalize blood flow.

The next step is directly, treatment. Develop neck. Move your head slowly in different directions, tilt it to do the twisting. In each position linger for half a minute, return to original position and start moving in the other direction. Finish the exercise 4 deep breaths. Repeat the whole cycle a second time delay in a comfortable position for a minute, and the third time in fifteen minutes.

How to get rid of back pain?

Physical inactivity, that is, the lack of movement negatively affects our health. And the first to suffer, of course, the spine is the pillar of life. Prolonged stationary sitting in front of a computer contributes to its curvature, produces an uneven load on the muscles of the back. In the end, unpleasant aching, aching in the joints. Your suffering will facilitate easy charging. This set of exercises will be useful to all those who most of the time in a contorted posture at the computer.

So, a set of exercises relieves pain:

  • Sit on a chair, hands connect back to the castle. The crown reach the ceiling, arms down to the floor.
  • Same initial position. Hands in the castle in front of him. Exhale and stretch the hands forward, the back will round.
  • Standing still, feet shoulder width apart. Connect fingers in the lock above the head, the hands raise up and stretch.
  • Sit at the table, put on his elbows. Within a few seconds push his chin in his hands.

This exercises not only help to relieve the pain, but also serve as a good prevention of degenerative disc disease, unless, of course, to do this daily.

How to get rid of the pain in the wrist?

One of the most common afflictions that often confront office workers – pain in the wrist joint. The so-called carpal tunnel syndrome or “mouse” disease. Your brush lying on the computer mouse itself is stationary, while the fingers make a lot of small movements. They injected voltage is almost fixed brush, which leads to swelling of the tissues, the blood stasis and inflammation of the median nerve. And since it passes through the carpal tunnel, and the syndrome is called “carpal tunnel”. It is easy to diagnose by tremors in the fingers and swelling of the wrist.

Ambulance for pain in the wrist

  • Buy in a drugstore a special elastic bandage and rewind them wrist, after brushing his anesthetic cream sprains and bruises.
  • Within a few minutes hold aching and swollen brush under cold running water.
  • If possible, attach to hand a bag of ice. If the pain is not reduced, then the swelling will certainly subside.

How to get rid of pain in the shoulder joint

Scientists have proven that our joints suffer not so much from overuse as from complete lack thereof. The less you load your musculoskeletal system, the higher the risk of experiencing painful feelings and get a serious disease that requires monitoring by a specialist. Nowadays all kinds of joint pathology is the third most spoken language, behind second place diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and first cardiovascular pathologies.

Few of us can boast of a proper posture, the fact that it is sitting correctly at your Desk. And then wonder what the shoulder joint is literally twisted in pain. When it happens again, try slowly to perform these simple, but very effective exercises.

  • Bend your arms at the elbows and push to the sides. Fists at chest level. Slowly stretch the elbows to the side, hold for a few seconds, while maintaining static tension, return to starting position.
  • Slowly spread arms to the sides, they should be as tight. Gently exhale, reach your fingertips to the walls. On the exhale, lower your arms along the body.
  • Put your hands up, maximum straight them, reach that there is power to the ceiling.
  • Follow the vertical “scissors” hands. Slowly raise one arm up then down, gradually picking up another.
  • Try to reach the shoulders to the ears. Reaching the highest point, hold in this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower the shoulders.
  • Put hands on shoulders, perform several rotational movements in shoulder joints, first forward, then backward with the maximum possible amplitude.

Any pain speaks volumes: in the body that something is wrong. So instead of self-medicate, visit a doctor. And while waiting for admission, imagine the pain, the disease in the form of a ball of energy of bright, saturated colors. Slowly dislodge it from the body. The resulting “emptiness” complete warmth and a soft Golden light. So, at least, it is recommended to deal with painful and unpleasant sensations advanced Western psychologists.

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