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To diagnose skin cancer will help smartphones

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According to American researchers, the diagnosis of skin cancer can be made using smartphones. The discovery will help to diagnose this cancer in developing countries where no specialised centres.

The smartphone will help in the diagnosis of skin cancer, a Discovery that managed to make the team from the University of Texas at Houston (UTHealth), has been made possible thanks to a number of scientific experiments.

Professor of dermatology Richard Jung-tai, head of the study, told about the stages of diagnosis with a smartphone, noting that the doctor enough to take a picture on your smartphone a suspicious area of skin of a person and combining a smartphone with a microscope. According to the scientist, in developing countries, where not all clinics are equipped with special laboratory instruments for the diagnosis, such Express-analysis will help to diagnose non-melanoma skin cancer. In the case that medical training is inadequate or he can’t diagnose, he can forward the email to a specialized center.

The scientist noted that the accuracy of the study, performed in a specially equipped laboratory is 90%, and with the help of photographs taken on a smartphone at 60%. The effectiveness of the method was tested on the 1021 patients in whom the doctors suspected cancer of the skin. In 136 cases were confirmed carcinoma in ‘ 94 squamous cell carcinoma and in 15 patients was established melanoma.

Experts have established that diagnosis is enough of a microscope with three-millimeter lens, the cost will not exceed $ 14.

About the discovery reported in the publication “Archives of Pathology & Laboratory”.

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