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Frantic pace of life is maddening. The constant lack of time, rush jobs and inexorably approaching deadline no-no, and cause panic, cause depression. To stay in line and not go crazy, you have to properly manage their own time. Our salvation – time management – effective allocation of work with health benefits.

Bird dispute

Think of chronobiology once and for all debunked the myth about the existence of “larks” and “owls”, and we still continue to persevere in this “bird” delusion. Nature has given us the same “set” of bodies so that everyone is able on their own to become a “lark” or “owl”. Believe me, you with equal success can rise at 6 a.m. for a run and luxuriate in bed at least until lunch. As you please. Meanwhile, the organs of our body have their own peaks and valleys of activity, you need to consider all those who decided to manage their time. You know how to operate your body?

Each case had its own time

In order to significantly improve their productivity and to be always in tone of chronobiology strongly suggest to live in accordance with the biorhythms of our own body, that is the principle, “each case is its own time.”

From 7 to 10 a.m.
The body wakes up and stretches lazily, blood pressure spikes risk of stroke increases significantly. The main thing at this time is to remain calm no matter where you are: in traffic, at a business meeting, an appointment at the dentist. In General, breathe deeply, and slowly count to 10. For the first half of the day, plan things that do not require great mental and psychological stress. Enter into a working rhythm smoothly, “swing” gradually.

12 hours
Noon – the best time for making important and informed decisions for any reason. So if you have matured to the idea to take the increased labor obligations to perform and exceed the sales plan, do not hesitate, please the boss now.

From 13 to 15 hours
At this time it is better not to engage in intellectual work, the brain slightly “slows down” metabolism to slow down. As you still will be no good in the workplace, go to lunch.

From 15 to 16 hours
The perfect time to efficiently perform the work associated with fine motor skills. For example, to fill in a questionnaire for a mortgage loan or… to write a letter of resignation.

From 18 to 20 hours
Plan an informal meeting with partners, but do not know when is the best time to spend it? Safely book a table at the restaurant for 18-19 hours. At this time the body is least sensitive to alcohol, so that fumes will not be able to stir up your consciousness. You have the same success and hold a conversation, and discuss all the benefits of a commercial proposal.

Himself Manager

The pace of life is constantly accelerating, we’re in a hurry to live, constantly increasing the tempo, but … not enough Time, and we’re late again. How to do everything and not grub? The secret is in proper planning time.

Technique S. M. A. R. T.

Before you put an ambitious target, check whether it meets the SMART criteria. So, the goal should be:
S (Specific) – specific;
M (Measurable) – measurable;
A (Achievable) achievable;
R (Relevant) – matched;
T (Time framed) – defined in time.

We all know that the elephant should eat the pieces, just need to do with large-scale tasks. Chop them into small until, until you understand what the item can perform right this moment.

Prepare a to-do list – this will allow you to increase your productivity by 25%. Not for a moment forget about the 10/90 rule, which States: 10% of time planning business will save 90% when it is run. Set yourself clear deadlines.

To improve their own efficiency use the method of the 34th U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, divide all tasks into 4 groups:

Urgent and important
It is a priority that cannot be postponed. Otherwise, it can cause serious problems.

Important, not urgent
Not urgent, but important things become urgent and important, if they are constantly postponed. Be careful, because these tasks have a major impact on development in the long run.

Urgent, not important
Not critical, slightly affect the success of your work. Devour a great amount of time, so it is better to entrust their implementation to someone else.

Not urgent and not important
Such cases should not be on your list.

The secret of success

Make a list of tasks is half the battle, but not the least step by step to optimize their performance.

    • Start the day with a very heavy and unpleasant things – “eat the frog”. According to the authoritative business coach, canadian Brian Tracy, it will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Indeed, the contrary is already behind us.
    • Switch wisely. When you run a small business, simple tasks the number of switches should be minimized, if working on something large scale, for example, the annual report, on the contrary, the maximum.
    • Any work always follow up. Again and again returning to unfinished business, you reduce its efficiency at least 5 times.
    • Make a “black list” and let him causes that prevent productive work. Mostly the name of chronophage, people stealing your time. Take, when, why and how many times a day you are distracted, how many minutes/hours were lost. Outlining the circle of “enemies”, you will gradually be able to deal with them. At least stop to discuss the weather and new fashions.
    • Learn to refuse tasks that are not included in the priority list for the day. Better move them to tomorrow.
    • Select specific time to check e-mail and business calls. Ideally, 2 times a day – morning and evening.
    • Use the wastebasket, dispose of all the excess! It turns out that the document search in the chaos on the table is up to 30% of valuable working time.

Well resting the one who works well. Learning to intelligently distribute tasks, you’ll see how much free time you will have for life. If you separate life from work. Your next goal is to master the subtleties of life management, that is, the wise management of your life as a whole.

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