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Scientists compare 6-hour sleep with insomnia

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Scientists conducted a study of the optimal duration of sleep and could make a surprising discovery. In their view, sleep 6 hours a day is worse than to suffer insomnia.

The best is to sleep for 8 hours They determined that the most favorable for a full recovery of the brain and maintaining cognitive abilities is to sleep for 8 hours.

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study comparing insomnia and short sleep. Observation were invited to the 48 voluntary participants ranging in age from 21 to 48 years, all of them were healthy, had no problems with sleep. For the experiment, respondents were divided into three subgroups, giving the job the first subgroup to sleep only 4 hours a day at a time, as members of the second subgroup had the opportunity to sleep 6 hours, and the third had a full 8-hour night sleep.

The experiment took two weeks. During this period every two hours while awake of the respondents, researchers evaluated their cognitive abilities using tests. It turned out that only those who slept for 8 hours showed the best results. The average result showed that participants in the first group that slept only 4 hours a day. Suddenly the scientists themselves are the worst results were those who had the opportunity to sleep 6 hours. Their results are almost equal to the performance of those people who suffered from insomnia and couldn’t sleep two days in a row.

In relation to the sleep scientists also found that daytime sleep without reducing the time for a night rest helps reduce the pressure and risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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