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The number of men who have dementia is reduced

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In the UK over the past two decades have witnessed a 20% drop in the incidence of dementia.


Scientists noted a decrease in the incidence of dementia in men in the UK This conclusion was made by group of scientists under the guidance of experts from the University of Cambridge. They found that during this time the number of diseases of the senile dementia has decreased by 40 thousand cases. However, a study published in “Nature Communications” notes that a sharp change is observed mainly in men.

The researchers found that the incidence of dementia two decades has decreased by 20% due to the reduction in the number of cases among men in all age groups.

Professor Carol Bryan (Carol Brayne), Director of the Cambridge Institute of public health, said that the results show that brain health significantly improved in the UK for generations, especially among men.

Professor Fiona Matthews (Fiona Matthews) from the Institute of health and society (Newcastle University) added that public health measures aimed at reducing the risk of developing dementia are essential and potentially more effective in the long run than trying for early diagnosis and subsequent treatment of dementia.

The researchers argue that while the largest reports continue to point to future scenarios the huge growth of people suffering dementia around the globe, this study shows that the global attention and investment in reducing the risk of developing dementia may help to prevent such growth.

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