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The Internet will help in the treatment of heart attack

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Picking up new methods of maintaining patients with heart problems, Israeli scientists have created a patch consisting of electroactive polymers.

The new device will help to support the work of the heart remotely, Scientists from tel Aviv University (Israel) said that “patch” for the heart will help to stimulate tissue of the body, synchronizing their contractions. The device is made from nanomaterials and can work remotely via the Internet. This will enable the cardiologist to monitor the condition of your patient and even to make “tuning” of some parameters.

Experts said that the device will include the necessary medications that a doctor can remotely enter into the blood stream of the patient.

Scientists do not intend to rest on our laurels and plan to upgrade the patch so that when the lack of oxygen he was able to assist the patient without the involvement of a physician.

The device has the form of a patch that is placed on the chest near the heart. About the discovery reported in the specialized magazine “Nature Materials”.

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