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The harm of beer for men and women

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“Ruining people not beer, water destroys people” – sung hero of the movie “can Not be” performed by Vyacheslav Innocent. How would you not want to agree with these optimistic lines and continue to enjoy this foamy drink in the company of friends, do not flatter yourself. It’s not true!

The harm of beer for Murcielago beer alcoholism in Russia has reached unprecedented proportions, especially in the teenage and youth environment. It is widely believed that beer is low-alcohol beverage so you can drink in large quantities without harm to health. Indeed, the alcohol content in beer ranges from 3 to 12%, but this does not mean that excessive addiction to it will not entail negative effects for your body.

So you need to understand what damage the health and morals of the person responsible beer drinking. Beer is a “clear and direct threat”.

Threat No. 1. Change the physical appearance

Did you know that excessive addiction to beer not only leads to obesity but also blurs the line between the sexes? The fact that the hops, being the main raw material for beer production, contains so-called phytoestrogens. In large amounts once in the body, they lead to irreversible consequences. Men who are fond of beer can lead to obesity in female type: grow a beer belly increases the chest. In the end, it can lead to infertility and a significant reduction in sexual dysfunction, up to impotence. In addition, the problem starts with the heart: it increases in size, its walls become thinner. The result is deplorable – coronary heart disease and then heart attack.

In women everything is different. The rise in estrogen leads to impairment of reproductive function, and in some cases infertility.

Threat No. 2. Psychological dependence

People suffering beer alcoholism, never admit that they have problems. They will always deny their dependence on intoxicating drink. Even in the case when the man realized his addiction, to get rid of it alone is quite difficult.

Why beer is such a strong correlation? The thing is that the hops belongs to the family Konoplyov, so, partly has the same properties as the hemp, which is the basis for the manufacture of some drugs. Wonder if any of us, that together with a beer in our body gets the substances similar to drugs?

Threat No. 3 is a Real threat to human health

That beer is much less harmful alcoholic beverage than, for example, vodka, as the strength of the beer significantly less. However, beer contains a large amount of fusel oils, which have extremely harmful effects on human health. For example, women regularly drink beer several times increases the risk of breast cancer. In addition, beer can cause may, cataracts and other eye diseases.

Threat No. 4. Threat to the health of the nation

In contrast to the fact that in Russia beer consumption per capita is increasing every year in developed countries of Europe and America, these figures, on the contrary, reduced. Important role in the formation of the huge demand for beer in our country plays aggressive advertising. Commercials are formed in the minds of the idea that beer is a constant attribute of a warm and friendly company, a sign of good taste, a symbol of freedom from inhibitions and limits. Who benefits? Foreign companies who see in our country an unlimited market, giving a huge profit. That is why they go for such tricks as hiding the real information about the dangers of drinking beer. They sponsor sporting events, trying to erase in our minds the understanding that beer and a healthy lifestyle are not compatible.

Threat No. 5. The threat of extinction

In the year two thousand from the lips of U.S. Secretary of state sounded the phrase: “In the Russian Federation is economically justified living fifteen million people.” There is information confirming the facts that Western countries conduct interventions to reduce the population of post-Soviet space. We see a sharp decline in the population of our country over the last twenty years, increased mortality and reduced fertility, lower levels of education and General cultural level, the penetration of the cliches of mass culture in the minds of people. The consequence of this is alcoholism, increased crime and aggression, devaluation of human values and General degradation of society. Of course, the basis of these processes lies a whole range of reasons, but alcoholism, the growth of beer consumption per capita in our country plays a significant role.

The famous proverb says: “Forewarned is forearmed”. Now you have the information you need. The decision is yours.

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