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The effect of Smoking on the human body

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Frankly, negative. Of course, you can recall the euphoria caused by the surge of endorphins, but all of this biochemistry. The same result allows to achieve regular walking stairs physical loads act on the human brain in the same way.

The impact of tobacco use on human skin. Photo prepared by Finnish doctors in conjunction with the cancer society of Finland.About lung cancer which can ruin your whole life, knows, probably, everyone. So we’re not going to talk about it, and start with what is happening here and now.

First and foremost, on the human body together with the nicotine affects the temperature of the smoke. He’s hot, and the mucous membrane of the banal fired from it. The burn leads to the development of respiratory infections and tooth enamel microcracks due to differential temperatures. Not the roughness of the surface of the tooth begin faster to stay plaque and pigments. It all looks very ugly.

Combines with hemoglobin, carbon monoxide becomes the cause of oxygen starvation, because the blood is not able to fully deliver oxygen to the tissues. Proof of this is the gray color face. Every beautician can immediately determine the skin Smoking ladies. How much money the last time you’ve spent on face creams? Can enter this amount in column costs “Cigarettes”.

Primarily affect the respiratory system. Constant contact with tobacco smoke in the lungs can cause a chronic cough. And how much time you will spend in the hospital because of acute respiratory infections permanent? And the most insulting, if it falls on a holiday.

Heart of a smoker works intermittently, often prone to the occurrence of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. Also remember about the oxygen starvation – as in the blood less gas, then the heart is forced to work more, trying to get it to at least tissues. The heart muscle wears out much faster. Skiing or riding the bike harder now.

The digestive system is no exception. If you are not afraid of the same cancer of the stomach, heartburn, gastritis and even ulcers can appear in the near future. Ever heard about table 9? Yes, it is one of a couple and in a shabby. Pureed porridge and decoction of rose hips will become your faithful friends. You still want to take a smoke break?

Men Smoking lowers testosterone. Remember, that makes you a man? Also, this hormone affects the growth of muscle tissue, if you suddenly forgotten.

Women all too difficult – the decrease in the level of estrogens also occurs as a result of exposure to components of tobacco. For example, the slimmest cigarette can lead to the disruption of the cycle. Well, will save money on the pads – though some benefit. And about pregnancy in General separate conversation.

People rarely read to the end of the article on the Internet. Especially when these articles about the effects of Smoking on our health. If you managed to reach this paragraph, your tenacity to be admired. About the terrible effects of tobacco can be found on the Internet anywhere. Although, you know everything and so. And if so, then try not to smoke at least today. And best of all never start.


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