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According to environmentalists, the development of civilization, and with it technical progress and harm the planet, and us – people. However, only thanks to the achievements of progress, we can count on a comfortable and safe living conditions. We will focus on devices, ionizing and moisturizing the air.

Change plus to minus

In recent years, the purifiers-ionizers of air is an important part of our lives. It all started with the chandelier Chizhevskogo, then the ionization started to equip vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and even laptops. Behind air conditioning manufacturers, giving standard models of the relevant functions.

According to studies, for the full assimilation of oxygen from the atmosphere it must be ionized, that is enriched in negatively charged air ions – anions. The air we breathe in the mountains, in the forest near the waterfalls. The atmosphere of the office, apartment, on the contrary, contains more positive ions. This cation – all kinds of harmful substances, dust particles, allergens.

Turn ionization on the air conditioner, and harmful and beneficial ions (cations and anions) will react to happen the cleavage reaction (disinfection, eliminating odors). The dust does not evaporate in a new place and settles on surfaces. But agree that the dust better on the desktop than in the lungs.

Numerous Western studies have clearly shown that the ionized air not only increases the health and stamina of those who inhales, but also facilitates for a number of diseases:

  • bronchitis and asthma;
  • migraine;
  • angina;
  • neurasthenia;
  • hypertension and hypotension;
  • flu, SARS.

The ionized air has a healing effect, enhances immunity, heals wounds. In the ionization process are destroyed more than 650 types of bacteria and viruses. And all thanks to anions or “vitamins of the air” as they are aptly named Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky, a Soviet biophysicist, founder of aerionofication.

According to hygienic requirements of aeroionic composition of the air of industrial and public buildings, the concentration of negative ions it should be not less than 600 IU/cm3. Near waterfalls, on the beach and in the forest, this figure reaches 200 thousand IU/cm3, while in the offices he rarely exceeding 200 u/cm3. Do the right conclusions: turn on the ionizer – breathe a useful air.

Some people are distrustful of novelties of technical progress. There are even some who argue that “all these units provoke the development of cancer”. Meanwhile, almost a hundred years, the use of ionizers, including the composition of the air conditioners, there was not a single case of negative effects on humans. And the next time a colleague wants to disable the function of ionization on the air-con, tell him that to sustain life of premature infants contain them in boxes with ionized air. Perhaps on purpose?

Just add water!

Our health depends not only on purity but also from humidity. And what is the humidity can be in the office, especially with the onset of the heating season? Precisely speaking, this figure is 25-30%, while the optimal level of humidity not less than 60%. It seems to us that the room is stuffy: we open the window and let in fresh outdoor breeze, but… the atmosphere becomes drier. The fact that cold air is, in principle, little water. The situation is aggravated.

From dry air to suffer anything and everything: furniture, office equipment, houseplants, first stop growing and then die. What awaits the man who for a long inhales dehydrated air? He has pain in the eyes, dry mucous membranes, and as a result, significantly increases the risk of catching SARS and any other infection. The drier the air, the lower the immune system, respectively, higher risk of disease. In the dehydrated air dust is in suspension, is practically not deposited on the surfaces, because the moisture that could “associate” is sorely lacking. And we pull all this weightless microscopic “junk” into itself.

Humidifiers maintain a comfortable indoor humidity level, and some models even clean the air. There are 3 classes of such devices:

  • steam;
  • “cleaning the air”;
  • ultrasonic.

Classic steam humidifiers work just. You pour water into the tank where it is pumped to the evaporative elements. Built-in fan sucks dry air from the room and drives it through the evaporator. So there is a natural “softening” of the air. The humidifier can work and as a flavoring premises. It is enough to add water a few drops of essential oil. Choose citrus scents. They not only smell good, but also invigorate!

The name “cleaning the air” speaks for itself. This handy unit combines the functions of a filter and a humidifier and works like a vacuum cleaner. The design of the device is simple, as all ingenious. The “sandwich” of plastic discs, something resembling a wheel of the steam engine, pumping water from the tray and turns it into “water dust”. Gradually moist air is dissipated around the room, binds dust particles and other unhealthy particles, and, pretty ataguliev, they fall down, avoiding our lungs.

In addition to humidifying the air, “sink” also disinfects it. In modern models installed the ionizing rod of silver metal, known for its antibacterial properties.

The most advanced models of humidifiers – ultrasonic. With the help of oscillations of high frequency, they convert water into steam cloud. The fan sucks dry air, drives it through an air-water mist and returns back in the form of cold wet fog.

Most of the time we spend in the office, so it is important to make the working area safe for health. Do not wait until the chef presents your Department with ionizer or some other useful unit. Take the initiative in their hands: discuss with colleagues the purchase of the humidifier. Moreover, the simplest model is no more than two thousand rubles.

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