The child is afraid of the dentist, what to do?

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Take your child to the dentist for many parents, the real test. Entering the dental office, the majority of children experiencing fear. They are frightened of the plurality of devices that are used by the doctor. Water and air when drilling teeth also makes them awful. What to do if the child is afraid of the dentist?

The child at stomatologichna fear of the dentist

Why is this happening? What is the reason for the fear of dentist from a child? One of the reasons is the hereditary. If the child sees that the parents are afraid of doctors, then rest assured, your toddler is likely to also be afraid of people in white coats and going to the clinic. Some children quietly accept any treatment, while others refuse to even delicious vitamins and panic from the slightest of interventions for the treatment or inspection.

There is another cause of fear is uncertainty. When all strangers to frighten the child, he sees this as a danger to themselves, and the explanations are totally meaningless. Generally, childhood fears are temporary and go away with growing up. But if they are stored for a long time and the child grieved, rather, this may indicate a weakened nervous system, and in this case you need to see a specialist. It is very important to try to accustom the child to visit the dentist as early as possible, so he had no fear.

Special pediatric dentistry

Today dentistry has leaped forward. There are dental clinics that specialize only in children. The equipping of these clinics are fully aimed at something that the child experienced fear coming to the doctor, and feel psychologically comfortable. For example, in children’s hospitals often use watching cartoons than defuse a tense situation. Thus, the child shifts its attention and does not feel a psychological shock, but this is one of the main objectives in the treatment of children’s teeth.

How to teach not to fear the dentist

So how do you teach a child to visit the dentist without fear? And what psychological problems might be faced by the physician in the treatment of children’s teeth? It is best to first visit a doctor, if it’s not a sharp pain, starting in a planned manner, as soon as I cut most of the milk teeth. Very well, if the dentist treats your entire family and the first visit will only be an acquaintance. Your doctor may talk with your child, to meet, to see the cartoon, and in the end ask the child to open his mouth and chart a treatment plan. In a day or two to schedule an appointment. It would be better if the doctor will begin to treat first the lighter teeth that the child gradually used to all strangers. It is also necessary to take into account the individuality of each baby. Children usually can’t sit long in one position, therefore it is not necessary to treat several teeth at a time.

The child may fear not only of manipulation, which makes the doctor, but the doctor. Therefore, it is very important that when the doctor contacted him a rapport. An experienced doctor knows that some children can truthfully tell how he will treat their teeth, to show how out of the device for pouring water, to blow on palm air. To Others it might scare and then the doctor usually includes fantasy and starts to improvise.

After taking

After appointment, the child must be saying how brave he is and how proud you are of him. He’ll tell you at home friends, how was the admission that he did doctor and that it’s not scary. It is very important to visit the dentist not only when there is a problem, but in a planned manner when the child did not bother. This will allow the little patient to feel more comfortable with a familiar doctor in a familiar environment.

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