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The beneficial properties of tea

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For many centuries, tea is considered a traditional Russian drink. What could be nicer than to gather the whole family for the cold winter evening over a Cup of tea? And in the heat of summer iced tea can refresh and regain strength. Black, green, red, yellow, and even white – modern stores offer a product for every taste. And the best part is that tea, it is, of course, the drink of good quality, contains a storehouse of nutrients. About useful properties of tea read here.

So, if you can’t imagine life without a Cup of strong black tea, you can not worry about the work of the heart and intestines, will help them contained in tea vitamin R. Fluoride protect and strengthen the teeth, and the molecules of the polyphenol will reduce the risk of skin cancer and thyroid cancer. In addition, tea – a great alternative to coffee for those who need to perk up in the morning, because the theine perfectly toned.

Green tea is almost synonymous with the phrase — healthy lifestyle. It accelerates metabolism, promotes the breakdown of fat, therefore, it is essential for those who are watching their weight. This drink lowers blood pressure, strengthens the walls of vessels, slows down the process of aging. Regular consumption of green tea is the prevention of atherosclerosis and diabetes, helps against diseases of the liver, kidneys and pancreas. And its antioxidant properties have made it the number one drink in the modern world.

Hibiscus, known as Roselle, has high bactericidal properties. It stimulates the production of bile and protects the liver. Hot this tea increases blood pressure, and cold lowers. Sour taste of hibiscus is best suited to quench your thirst in the heat.

Yellow tea for true connoisseurs. In its manufacture use only the buds, which acquire a beautiful Golden hue. High quality yellow tea helps relieve menstrual cramps, and is a powerful antidepressant.

White tea is ideal for children, the elderly and pregnant women. It is rich in vitamins B and C, perfectly cool in hot weather.

Whichever tea you choose, remember that it is not vanity. Buy transparent teapot, enjoy the mysterious dance of the tea leaves. You witness a delicious drink. Close your eyes, feel its delicate aroma. And then the tea is not only give strength to your body, and refresh your senses.

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