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Sports and alcohol: does alcohol and sport?

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If you are one of those lucky people for whom the problem is solved hangover just a glass of orange juice and a slice of bacon, then perhaps you don’t see anything wrong with that “hang out” as it should in a nightclub on the eve of a trip to the gym. You firmly believe that your future health will allow you to give our hundred percent in training and to receive from it the maximum effect. But you are wrong…

Alcohol and sport — compatible or not? Our body responds to the alcohol circulating in the bloodstream, in any case, regardless of whether you notice it or not. “Alcohol has a negative impact on the body’s ability to the sport, especially affecting its ability to recover after a workout,” says Ian Fletcher, senior lecturer at the Department of sports biomechanics Bedfordshire University, who is also the coach for the development of strength and endurance of the British Olympic Association, “the more alcohol you consume, the more you have, the body produces cortisol, which is an antagonist of testosterone. Thus, testosterono-cortisolemia the balance will shift towards the destruction of muscle mass. And if your goal is to “build some muscles”, in this case, in spite of the satisfactory feeling after a drink, you will not achieve anything”.

Harm training alcohol depends on body type and your preferred beverage. So, a few liters of beer, drunk for the evening, add in a daily calorie an impressive number of “empty” calories, which will make all attempts to get rid of body fat in vain. Of course, the excess calories can compensate for intensive trainings, but if the beer is to add more and related snacks, extra pounds can not be avoided.

Slim people can to some extent smooth out the effect of beer on body weight. However, the expert recommends not to abuse alcohol the day before training.

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