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Sleep disturbance after alcohol

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Woke up a little “stale”? Blame it on roughly spent night. As they say British scientists from the London sleep Center, alcohol before bedtime worsen its quality. After abundant libations (in this study those were considered 4 or more glasses of beer) sleep cycle is completely disrupted: he is superficial, lacking dreams, quickens the heart rate (i.e. tachycardia develops).

The reasons for sleep disturbance after alcohol

Sleep disturbance after alcoholyou this happening? When you go to bed sober, your sleep consists of stages of deep sleep (at this time the body restores itself) and REM sleep, called sleep with rapid eye movement. During this phase the brain sleep independently is defragmented, resets the accumulated “garbage”, just like a hard disk in the computer. But if it so happened that before going to sleep you have abused alcohol, REM sleep does not occur or occurs in very crumpled.

That’s not all: while at the initial stage, alcohol has a depressant effect on the nervous system, thereby helping faster to take in deep sleep, in the second half of the night, he, on the contrary, accelerates the body at full speed. When we are awake, working mainly sympathetic nervous system. At rest — parasympathetic. Alcohol introduces an imbalance in these two systems, and where the “green dragon” ends, the sympathetic nervous system causes the would-be man of the world to Wake up.

Stages of sleep after alcohol

  • 1st hour: finally your body landed in bed after a wild party. What happens: since the drink is called, first, “has a brain”, you sleep on average for 4 to 16 minutes faster than sober. Devoid of dreams is a phase of deep sleep sets in faster — 8 minutes. However, there is one problem: your heart rate increased by 9 beats per minute, which means that the part of your nervous system is more active than she should be at this time;
  • 2nd hour: your sleep is so strong that did not allow you to remove even shoes. Alcohol still keeps you “in touch”. Dreams no, you’re standing still but your heart rate is increased already by 13 beats per minute, which is too much for a person trying to relax;
  • 3rd hour: you sleep like a baby. What’s happening: alcohol prevents the onset of REM sleep, resulting in morning fatigue;
  • 5th hour: are you still under the blanket, but… the Phase of deep sleep is coming to its logical conclusion. The effects of alcohol takes place, and you begin on their skin to feel the effect of the sympathetic nervous system, which is impervious to the ethanol. As a result, at this time of awakening comes is 17% more often than under normal conditions;
  • 6th hour: you are half asleep. By this time the body is processed (as the experts say — metaboliziruet) most of the alcohol, and you woke up inadvertently, not be as drunk as the day before. You twirl and twist and, in the end, unable to Wake up — this time by 4.39% more than it usually is. In addition, your heart produces in a minute on 11 shots more, and this condition will continue for a such a painfully long the next day;
  • 8th hour: well, you woke up! What happens: do you still want to extend your sleep, but your sympathetic nervous system literally pushes you out of bed. The last thing you want at this point is to get out from under the blanket. And since you are literally with your own hands deprived themselves of REM sleep, don’t be surprised your aching head and broken condition.

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