Skin aging as a leading problem of modern cosmetology

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Aging — the final of any biological process, are the laws of nature, and only the Almighty Hollywood with his Benjamin Button can resist. But we speak not about the virtual world of cinema, and about much more mundane matters. But the reality is that the skin is aging much sooner than other organs.

The signs of skin aging

Skin aging at the tissue level is characterized by regressive metamorphosis, atrophic changes, reduced subcutaneous fat, decreased activity of the cells in the basal epithelial layer. Change the color and thickness of skin: it becomes whitish or yellow parchment, the skin wrinkled and thinner. Atrophy sebaceous and sweat glands, the skin is dehydrated, the capillary walls become brittle. The lost elasticity of the skin, the first wrinkles appear, the skin loses its natural luster, its surface becomes dry, broken pigmentation. Change skin on the scalp is characterized by thinning and thinning hair. These are all signs associated with old age, is well known. However, no clear time frame for their manifestation is not, we cannot say that in 50 years are guaranteed to develop such a change in 60 years. Some to old age can look extremely youthful, that is biological aging is not tied to the person’s passport. To push the biological limits of ageing challenge at this stage of the development of modern medical science is utopian. It is only possible to some extent to slow down the aging process, minimizing the impact of the factors provoking it.

Factors affecting skin aging

Skin, figuratively speaking, is “the first line of defense” against adverse factors, this is its vulnerability compared to other organs. Factors can be very diverse: chemical, meteorological, physical-mechanical, hydrothermal. But the most important are photoactivatable factors that is related to exposure to sunlight, namely ultraviolet region. With the increasing number of diseases associated with exposure to sunlight, due primarily to not the condition that is characterized by a succinct phrase “sunburned”, but a result of everyday exposure of unprotected areas of skin (face, neck, chest, hands, forearms, shins). Apart from cosmetic problems, there are certain health problems, and suffers not only the skin, but almost all of the fabric. Protection from solar light to date is the only means of prevention of skin aging.

Hydrothermal factors associated with the influence of temperature and humidity on evaporation from the skin surface through pores. For example, wet and cold climate for the skin is not favorable: disturbed blood circulation, suffering the glands, increases the sensitivity, so that the skin becomes more susceptible to infectious diseases.

Meteopathic factors include a whole range of different kinds of effects: ionization and oscillation of the atmosphere, air pressure, magnetic fields, electrical conductivity. The impact is mainly on the nerve receptors, which changes occur in the skin vasomotor reactions. The impact of these factors some way to measure not possible. We can only say that the formation of cold and warm fronts reduces the tolerance of the nervous system of the skin to external influences.

Chemical factors associated with exposure to the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract chemical components of the atmosphere, land, water, and aerosols.

Mechanical impact on the skin is the most mundane factor in the identification of which does not have any difficulties. Just for this factor, the skin has developed a truly enormous adaptability. Remember, though, the proverbial corn. Mechanical factors include the exposure of the skin to clothes and shoes depending on the materials from which made these items of clothing.

Correction of skin aging.

Let’s start with massages. They are therapeutic to use when sabariah with the use of talc, plastic with the same cosmetic talc and using a variety of creams.

Hereinafter, the cosmetic mask, when applied to the skin a cosmetic product containing active ingredients in high concentrations.

Mesotherapy — introduction to middle layers of the skin active ingredients.

Physiotherapy — darsonvalization, iontophoresis, low-energy laser irradiation, muscle stimulation, microlighting.

Peeling — exfoliation traditioanal layer of the skin of different depths of exposure.

Botulinum toxin injections — this new-fangled technique, successfully correcting wrinkles and facial folds.

About the wrinkles — a separate conversation. Unfortunately, humanity has not yet figured out how to rejuvenate the skin and to say there is not to Intrusive television commercials. However, there are procedures to help reduce some of the wrinkling of the skin. This local application isotretinoinorv cream or gel (there are many pharmacies) or moisturizers on the basis of lactic acid.

Skin ageing — inevitable process. But to identify the causes of premature aging and, to the extent possible, to eliminate their detrimental effects are quite capable of modern cosmetology and dermatology.

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