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Scientists: viruses can tell a lot about a person

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Biologists from the University of Pennsylvania made an unusual discovery – by studying the herpes virus you can learn the details of human life, the carrier of the virus.

The virus will tell scientists about human life, Scientists know that the herpes virus has several types that come from different continents.

For example, the Asian type of virus found in the military involved in the war 50 years in Korea. It is known that cured from herpes, there are no ways to remove it from the human body. Therefore, scientists believe that certain episodes in the life of the carrier of the virus can remain in a molecular strain of herpes. For example, you can identify the suspect in the crime.

Currently, researchers are developing methods of transcription of viral genomes, which will allow to identify and to compare samples of genetic material. Experts also hope that the ways transcripts will help to understand how different types of virus affect human health.

The results of the study shared the scientific edition of “Virology”.

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