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Scientists: unisex contraceptives will help couples

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New oral contraceptives that can be used to prevent undesirable pregnancy, will be released soon in the US.

Oral contraceptive for men are made in the USA.
Scientists from the University of California did the work and identified in the male sperm-specific protein ABHD2, providing sperm energy required to move to the egg and carrying out fertilization. If the interference works the protein, the movement of sperm and fertilized female egg becomes impossible.

Scientists said that this fact will be the basis for the development of a new method of oral contraception. It is noteworthy that these pills with the same efficiency can be used by both men and women. According to experts, this method of contraception can not only allow men to take full responsibility for the lack of unwanted pregnancies, but also become the basis for the development of drugs to stimulate the activity of protein ABHD2 that will enable to have children couples who have a long time did not work.

However, experts Express some concerns about the effectiveness of the method. They believe that men can treat the effect of medicine as an attack on their masculinity, while women may suspect their elected representatives that they used the pill.

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