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Scientists told how to rejuvenate a brain for 10 years

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A new study has found that remaining active, for example, walking or doing yoga, older people have slowed down the decline in memory and thinking skills. Scientists believe that exercise can delay the brain aging of 10 years.

Physical activity helps maintain youthful brain to maintain an active lifestyle in old age is associated with a slower rate of decline in thinking skills. Elderly people who do not exercise, have a brain that is 10 years “older” than those who daily load from moderate to intense.

Study author Dr. Clinton Wright at the University of Miami, member of the American Academy of neurology, said the study showed that for older people regular exercise can be protected, helping them to maintain their cognitive abilities for a long time.

For the study, researchers analyzed data from the responses of 876 people, that the scientists asked about how long and how often they engaged in physical culture during the last two weeks. 90% of respondents said the lack of physical activity or performing very light exercise. 10% participants told that regular exercise, such as yoga or walking.

Seven years later survey participants were examined using MRI of the brain and given the texts that evaluate memory and thinking.

The scientists noted that the participants had no signs of problems with memory and thinking in the beginning of the study. The results of the tests from those respondents who had low level of physical activity was much lower than in those who were intensively engaged in sports. The difference in “brain age” was equal to 10 years.

The difference remained even after researchers adjusted results adjusted for other factors that may affect brain health, such as Smoking, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and body mass index.

Dr. Wright added that physical activity is the most attractive way to reduce the burden of cognitive impairment in public health because it is free and does not require the use of drugs.

The results of the study, which lasted more than 12 years, announced a special edition of “Neurology”.

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