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Scientists: the return of memory in Alzheimer’s disease really

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Scientists managed to restore the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the fact that the role of the patient performed the experimental laboratory rodent, the researchers believe they have made a decisive step forward to beating this incurable disease.

Memory in Alzheimer’s disease, you can recover Experts from Yale University were able to restore memory in laboratory mice with Alzheimer’s, certain events. It turned out that in order for the brain “remembered”, you need to “mark” the event data in the neural node, which is responsible for memory retention. The mouse received an electric discharge and after some time researchers using blue laser “activated” the forgotten memory after that was fixed the jitters rodent and behavior characteristic of the shock.

The researchers concluded that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, don’t forget events, as previously believed, and they lose the ability to retrieve them from my memory.

According to experts, the laser memory can not only recover, but also strengthened by applying the luminous flux repeatedly, however, after six months neural connections are lost and the memory of the event erased. The procedure helps to maintain them.

An experiment is conducted and that the results gave the possibility to the scientists to understand, due to which lost memory and how I can repair it.

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