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Scientists: retirement makes people healthier

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Austrian researchers have observed and concluded that retirement can make a person healthier. As it was established, scientists, retired people spend more time for their health, smoke less, sleep more. In General, lead a healthy lifestyle.

Retirement gives you the opportunity to devote more time to health, researchers analyzed what changes in my life occurred in the 25000 respondents after retirement. It turned out that with retirement, many refused fatty and fried foods, and fast food preparation, preferring home-cooked meals. Pensioners began to move more and sleep. Some elderly people have joined the sport. For example, began to study at home or running around the Park.

Statistical data is expressed as follows: weekly physical activity increased by an average of 93 a minute, seniors in a seated position steel located on 67 minutes per day less sleep increased by an average of 11 minutes, more than 50% of women pensioners parted with negative craving for tobacco.

Experts believe that after retirement a person has a lot of free time and there comes a reinvention of life. The pensioner has the ability to pay more attention to themselves, their health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, which ultimately improves health for the elderly.

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