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Scientists: mealtime is the most important component of weight loss

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In the process of losing weight a focus on food composition, limiting itself in the use of fats, starches and fast carbs. However, the researchers came to the conclusion that successful reduction of weight is important not so much the foods you eat, how many meals.

The biological clock will show mealtime Experts say that the life of any creatures from flies to humans is controlled by a biological clock, or circadian rhythms that indicate when it is necessary to eat to have enough energy to Wake up, and when the cells need to rest and not to be distracted on the intake and breakdown of nutrients. Mismatch of food intake biological clock and leads to disruption of metabolism. Scientists have indicated that the best time to power – the first four hours after sunrise. At this time the body is actively preparing for the Wake, ready to receive fats and carbohydrates in order to convert them into energy. Food in the evening will lead to the fact that the body “postpone” the nutrients in fat tissue, thus creating a kind stock.

The scientists from the Weizmann Institute (Israel) have observed changes in the mitochondria. They were able to identify hundreds of mitochondrial proteins and establish that 40% of them are at the peak of activity this morning, which confirms the fact that morning meal will not affect the excess weight. The breakdown of fat and glucose in this is at the highest level, so the food eaten will be converted into energy.

Leading specialist of the research, Dr. Gad Asher (Gad Asher) said that if people knew about the needs of the body in accordance with the biological clock, they are easier to cope with the problem of excess weight.

The opening explains the fact that people who can not because of work schedule to adhere to power biological clock and forced to eat in the night during a break, this break your metabolism, therefore, more susceptible to diseases associated with metabolism, and more likely to suffer from obesity.

The study was published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

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