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Scientists: manly men don’t live long

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Scientists from the U.S. found that the life of the courageous men lower than the rest. The reasons for this were very simple.

Manly men are embarrassed to go to doctors and it shortens their life, Researchers from Rutgers University have found reasons why manly men live less than others. For this purpose they invited 250 volunteers-men who asked questions about masculinity. Also, doctors have found, how often and for what reasons a particular Respondent refers to the doctor.

The researchers found that those participants who consider themselves to be independent and courageous, are much less likely to use medical institutions and by any means avoid visits to the woman doctor. It also appeared that they are trying to hide the truth about the state of their health, not to mention in conversation with the doctor about a bad feeling

Researchers believe that the main reason for short life of courageous men is a rare treatment to doctors, the cause of which is the fear of appearing weak in the eyes of another person, even if the person is a medical worker.

About the unusual research announced the publication of “Preventive Medicine”.

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