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Scientists: in 2018 it will be possible to treat paralysis

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Scientists from the Australian University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales) were able to convert fat cells and bone cells in the stem that can be used for rehabilitation of any bodies.

Stem cells will help in the treatment of paralysis At the first stage experts have handled the bone and fat cells 5-azacytidine and growth factor platelet AB. The first substance contributed to demyelization DNA, and the second accelerated cell division. As a result of two treatments, both types of cells have lost their properties and a few weeks were transformed into stem cells multipotent type. This type of cell can repair any tissue in the human body.

A team of specialists under the guidance of John Pimanda (John Pimanda) was transplanted to the thus-obtained cells to the damaged area of the skin of laboratory mice, where the cells began to multiply rapidly, contributing to the recovery.

The researchers plan transplant first people to make already in 2017. According to the authors of the study, the obtained results will help in the treatment of paralysis and restore lost function of the body as a result of injuries.

About the study reported in the publication “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

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