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Scientists have found, as the wealth of men affects the choice of a friend

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Experts have established the factors that affect the attractiveness of women to men.

The higher the income of men, the more serious requirements to the partner Chinese scientists have conducted a number of psychological studies and have been able to tell, as Finance income changes requirements men when choosing a companion.

The scientific staff was invited to experiment with 182 students, among which were 61 young people and 121 girl. Respondents were asked to imagine two situations, in the first case they had to feel themselves rich and the second poor. For each scenario, respondents were asked to rate the level of relations with his second half desyatiballnoy scale.

To create a sense of reality of wealth, the scientists simulated the situation in which the Respondent felt promising businessman with a high position in society, and owns a substantial material condition. However, the survey results showed that in this case the young man was unsatisfied relationship with partner and put forward higher requirements on their half. The scientists noted that the more virtual wealth of the man had, the higher his requirements were. In a situation when the Respondent had no income and is classified as poor, the requirements in the partner decreased.

Different situation, the researchers observed the women. Level of wealth has not changed their requirements to the partner.

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