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Scientists have figured out how stem cell

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Scientists have been able to take another step to understanding the mysteries of stem cells. Now they clear some start-up processes that occur inside the stem cell at the stage of its transformation.

Stem cells provide the basis for different cell types, the Researchers-neuroscientists from the University of California (Santa Barbara, USA) opened a number of changes at the beginning of the transformation of a stem cell into a specialized.

At the beginning of the process of differentiation of stem cells form neuroectoderm, which in future will become a neuron or mesentery, which is the basis for the creation of cells of muscle or bone tissue.

Scientist Petri JI won Yang has established a path, after which the cell will gain a final form, and called it PAN.

So, inside eukaryotic cells that is similar in form to the lash, start the process of autophagy, in which the internal structure of the cell are digested by its lysosome and the degradation, which occurs protein Nrf2, which is required for creating healthy cells.

Prior to this, scientists have observed only the latest phase of the cell cycle Gap1.

The discovery will help better understanding of processes of change in stem cells and development of methods of treatment using them.

Research work reported by the specialized magazine “Cell”.

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