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Scientists from the United States raised the esophagus inside a person

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American doctors could grow a new esophagus inside a young man using donated fabric and metal stents.
Doctors in the United States was able to grow a new esophagus After the 24-year-old man was paralyzed in a car accident seven years ago, doctors did his best to reconstruct his esophagus. Usually the esophagus a new reproduce with the help of a tube which is attached to the digestive system of the patient, but in this situation it was impossible due to extensive injuries of the patient.

Instead, the doctors decided to try a technique, previously tested only on dogs, is to restore the upper part of the esophagus using stents, and skin tissue. The components for the prosthetics approved by Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (Food and Drug Administration, FDA, USFDA), however, the method was applied for the first time.

“It’s quite remarkable that they do this work”, — commented on the work of colleagues Dr. Simon Hoerstrup (Simon Hoerstrup), Director of the Institute for regenerative medicine at the University of Zurich. According to him, the results indicate that, perhaps, the human body can grow certain organs after the structure is implanted.

The man, whose name was not disclosed, couldn’t eat and all hopes were pinned on a feeding tube. During the operation the doctors inserted the endoscope containing the wire, through the human stomach and brought up through what was left of his esophagus to the mouth. For a wire structure set up three of the stent to recreate the structure of the esophagus, and covered it with skin tissue. Then the fabric is sprayed with a gel made from the patient’s own blood that contains natural substances to attract stem cells.

Although doctors wanted to remove the stents three months after surgery, the patient refused, fearing that he will not be able to eat and drink; he was also concerned about the possible scarring. Almost four years later, the doctors removed the stents after a person has had trouble swallowing due to the lower stent.

A year later, doctors conducted a study and found that all five layers of the esophagus has grown back. Growing up the esophagus has become very similar to natural. The patient did not need the feeding tube, and the operation did not lead to any complications.

The authors of the most difficult operations noted that in order for this technique could be applied EN masse, would require additional research and experiments on animals. The study was published in the journal “Lancet”.

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