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Scientists: faster go

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Scientists have conducted monitoring of the physical activity of people and could set an interesting pattern.

Physical activity stimulates the longevity Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh saw a strong correlation between human lifespan and how actively he goes. For observation, the scientists invited 35 thousand volunteers, who included both women and men. All the participants were in old age. Scientists conducted a survey about their physical activity and measured the walking speed of the respondents.

It turned out that only 35% of the fair sex, whose gait was leisurely, crossed the 75-year milestone. The same indicators were in the group of men.

The scientists noted that the more active was the walk like women, and men, the more they had the chance to live more than 85 years. Experts say that the human body chooses the rhythm of the movement depending on the physical form. However, cardiologists say that the condition of the cardiovascular system depends on the activity.

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