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Scientists: coffee breaks increase productivity

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The productivity of workers in office depends on their psychological state. Scientists from Sweden have found that it helps employees to work concentrated and without stress.

Coffee breaks are taken in Sweden, to improve performance carried out in 2010 a study by Grant Thornton showed that the Swedes were the least constrained at work, partly because the Swedish company has introduced 2-3 mandatory break during the working day. Although only 1% of Swedish employees work overtime, in accordance with the latest observations, their work is no less productive.

Portal Quartz reports that workers engaged in intellectual labour in Sweden, less than their foreign counterparts, experiencing stress in the workplace. According to psychologists, emotional balance is achieved through the official coffee breaks provided in all Swedish companies.

Vivec, Adelsward (Viveka Adelsward), University of linköping, analyzing the impact of interruptions on the performance of employees, noted that a short vacation allows employees to relax, recharge, and then to focus on tasks. She stressed that we are talking about the breaks for a Cup of coffee or tea in a relaxed atmosphere, they are called “fika” and is usually carried out at 10 am and at 15 o’clock in the afternoon. In Swedish companies, unlike some others, is not accepted during a break to discuss the working moments.

According to the Professor, one of the motivating factors is a peculiar drop of the hierarchy during the “fika”, which contributes to greater cohesion in the workplace and to establish warm and friendly relationships.

Scientists believe that the Swedish model of the working day is most favorable effect not only on productivity but also on the internal state of the staff.

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