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Scientists: biological age of the women depends on the income

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The American scientists have established a link between seemingly very distant from each other concepts. They were able to explain how related the income of the person and the process of aging.

High income slows down the process of aging during the experiment, scientists from the University of Georgia studied the epigenetic clock that shows how biological age is higher than actual. The experiment was conducted with the participation of 100 American women. It turned out that a small person’s income leads to the fact that biological age is significantly ahead of the actual. So, 68% of American women whose monthly income was less than 3.9 thousand USD, epigenetic clock “ticked” much faster. In contrast, women who earn more than 15000 monthly, was aging much slower.

Scientists have suggested that aging accelerates not so much the physical lack of money, how much stress, constantly accompanying the woman because of the threat of poverty. The researchers intend to conduct a number of experiments to establish how strong is this relationship.

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