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Scientists: bad habits more expensive than health

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Specialists medical school at Emory University (USA) found that a significant portion of the population, among them mostly women, are not ready to lead a healthy lifestyle, making your choice in favor of the pleasant but bad habits.

People have a hard time breaking up with junk food, even if health is at risk About this, the scientists were able to declare after the experiment, which was attended by about 4,000 volunteers. Experts analyzed the lifestyle and habits in people with diabetes, and noted that 20% of women suffering from this disease, taking medicine instead of having to go on a healthy diet.

In addition, the researchers drew attention to the fact that 87% of all respondents knew that a major factor in causing diabetes, is overweight and obesity. 67% of participants acknowledged that they received from their doctors information on nutrition and physical activity, however, they were not ready to change their lifestyle and continued to eat incorrectly.

Scientists emphasize that most negligent to the state of health of treated women. Their choice is the cure, not the healthy way of life.

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