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Scientists are developing a pill for longevity

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Researchers may be able to delay the onset of old age. Pills age can increase the life to 10 years.

Tablets in the near future to extend the life of the Scientific work carried out by English scientists with the assistance of the max Planck Institute (Max Planck) and the European molecular biology laboratory (European Molecular Biology Laboratory).

At the moment, the experts study the protein molecules GSK-3, which affect the life. Scientists conduct experiments on insects, and they managed to achieve what experimental insects lived 16% longer than their counterparts.

Scientists hope that the substance that prolongs life, will be made in the form of a conventional tablet. The study’s lead author Jorge Ivan Castillo-Quan noted that the developed method the influence of the protein molecules will not only help to prolong life but also to push the possibility of the onset of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Scientists believe that there is a possibility of using these molecules influence cancer and diabetes.

Experts say that if the application of this method will succeed in older people aged 75 to 90 years delay Alzheimer’s disease for several years, it will be a good result. People don’t tend to live to be 100 or 110 years, but they all want to have an active and healthy old age. About the study reported in the publication “Cell Reports”.

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