Scabies: causes, symptoms, treatment at home ointment

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Scabies — a disease, frankly, not the most prestigious. This is due, primarily, with some marginal veil accompanying this disease: too specific contingent is ill with scabies. Meanwhile, the disease no one is immune, even the most hard-headed aristocrat. And scabies in children, it is generally the most common. To inquire about the disease in order to avoid oblique views are not accepted, so I will try in some measure to fill this information gap.
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  • Who are you, mr. Sarcoptes scabiei?
  • How do people become infected with scabies
  • The symptoms of scabies
  • Diagnosis of scabies
  • Treatment of scabies
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Who are you, mr. Sarcoptes scabiei?

Looks like mange (photo) Under that tricky Latin name hides the calling scabies a parasite (this word is more appropriate than ever): mite from the group of scabies mites. The female tick (namely, it is directly involved in the pathological process) lives about 2 months. Male just fulfilling their “marital duty” die on the surface of the skin. After grieving a little, the female penetrates the epidermis (the upper stratum corneum), where he begins his “subversive activities” by stitching itch moves and laying eggs from which larvae appear. Maturation of the larvae is carried out in the hair follicles or under the Horny scales of the epithelium. Incompatible with life conditions for mites is boiling and the temperature below zero.

How do people become infected with scabies

No airborne route: just full contact (full contact): either directly with an infected subject, or a transient through the common goods (bed and underwear, toiletries, books, money). You can become infected in areas with large concentrations of people: baths, pools, hostels, public transport.

The symptoms of scabies

The areas of the body where most often seen in scabies

The disease may appear quickly, within a week, but sometimes the incubation period is prolonged to six weeks. The first sign of scabies is itching, becoming intolerable at night (at this time the activity of the tick reaches its peak). The mite prefers areas of the body, mostly with thin skin that are exposed to constant friction. First of all, it folds between the fingers, side surface of the brush, the inner surface of the radiocarpal joint, the armpits, the genital area, nipple (only in women), the navel, the desired length of the folds, the elbow. In addition, in children the itch moves can be detected on the heels, soles and lateral surface of the foot in the ankle area.

As “raskazachivaniya” of the pathological process in adults struck the entire front surface of the body, from the armpits to the hips. Infants may be affected also back, face and neck.

What is a pathological process with scabies? What is scabies? In the affected areas, a so-called itch moves outwardly which is a grayish tortuous line, rising a little above the surface of the skin, or pink stripes, which is crowned by a serous or whitish bubble point — the female of the tick himself. There are also small twin bubbles-papules. As a complication the result of scabies may occur ekzematoznye changes in the skin, boils, folliculitis.

Diagnosis of scabies

Themselves mites, as already mentioned above, are detected with the naked eye. For the detection of itch moves has its own method: the skin is applied a special dye (either the alcoholic solution of iodine or aniline dye solution), after which the moves are clearly visible. For identification of ticks is also possible to apply the solution: in this case a 10% solution of alkali, which is applied on the skin for 2 minutes. After this time, the softened flakes of epidermal layer of the skin soskablivanija with a scalpel and placed on a glass slide for study.

Treatment of scabies

Treatment of scabies is under the supervision of a dermatologist. During treatment it is important to not only the destruction of pathogen and total disinfection of the objects with which, anyway, was in contact with the patient. It is, above all, about the items of clothing and bedding to boil and iron on each side. If clothing does not permit boiling or washing at high temperatures, it should be sacrifice for the good of his health or, at least, disinfected. The other items should just be thoroughly washed in hot water with soap. In the house where “settled” mange require daily cleaning including mandatory option is washing the floor.

The very same treatment of scabies at home and is a applied to the skin with different ointment formulations. Previously, the patient should shower and change into clean. Until relatively recently, itch was firmly associated with sulphur ointment, or rather, with her “indescribable flavor”. Today we can say that these “caveman” methods are gone. The only advantage left for sulfuric ointment compared to modern drugs for the treatment of scabies is its cheapness. For the rest, benzyl benzoate, spregal, permethrin, and others like them “beat” sulfur ointment on all parameters. Ointment for scabies benzyl benzoate is used morning and evening for 2-3 days. If effect is not achieved after three days repeat another course. Drugs spregal, permethrin and more effective for scabies. Sometimes once is enough to smeared and you’re healthy. If itch “marks” not passed immediately after the treatment — nothing to worry about. Mites there may not be, as the skin needs time to recover. So, you should be patient.

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