Safety of staff in the dental laboratory

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To work in a dental laboratory allowed persons with complete medical education, training for group I electrical safety and have no contraindications for health reasons.

Dental laboratory

Staff the dental laboratory must undergo a compulsory medical examination upon employment and periodic medical examinations at least once in 12 months. For the timely identification and treatment of chronic inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract, oral and nasal cavities, as well as carriage of staph in the lab staff at least once in 6 months is planned tests.

All newly hired technicians must undergo induction training of the engineer on labour protection. The results of the instruction are recorded in the register of induction on labour safety. After that the final design of the re-entering worker and the direction to the place of work.

Each newly employed in a dental laboratory must pass primary instruction on labor protection in the workplace. All employees of dental laboratories undergo refresher training at least once in 6 months. The results of the instruction are recorded in the journal of workplace training.

When applying for a job and periodically at least once in 12 months should be conducted to check the knowledge of staff on issues of safety program approved by the chief physician.

Staff dental laboratory is obliged to abide by the rules of internal labor regulations, modes of work and rest.

Personnel the laboratory shall:

  • to be guided in work instructions (job; sanitary conditions; the manufacturers of the equipment installed in the laboratory);
  • to own methods of first aid, know the location of first aid kits;
  • know the rules of fire safety and locations of fire extinguishers.

The administration of the institution is obliged to provide uninterrupted workers dental laboratory sanitary clothes, overalls, footwear and other safety devices. Staff dental laboratory is obliged to follow the rules of personal hygiene, the rules of wearing sanitary clothing and footwear, means of individual protection.

About every accident associated with the production of, the victim or a witness to the accident shall immediately notify the head of production or senior dental technician who needs to organize first aid to the victim, his delivery in a medical institution, to inform the chief doctor and the engineer on labour protection. For the investigation of the accident to save the environment at the workplace and the condition of the equipment as it was in the time of the incident, if it does not threaten the life and health of others employees and will not lead to a crash.

The party in breach of the instruction on labor protection, subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the internal regulations and, if necessary, an extraordinary test of knowledge of rules and regulations of labor protection.

When you work in a dental laboratory, it is prohibited:

  • to perform processes in the premises not adapted for this purpose;
  • work on faulty devices, devices, devices with faulty devices;
  • left unattended alcohol lamps and gas burners, apparatus, appliances, devices included in the electric network, to keep them close to flammable substances;
  • store and use products without labels and in damaged packaging;
  • to work with disconnected systems of water supply, Sewerage and ventilation;
  • to work without the prescribed clothing and protective equipment.

Get to work on any equipment should be verified in the service log level on elimination of previously recorded observations and defects.

Before you start, you need to include the ventilation system, wear hygienic clothes and shoes, prepare personal protective equipment; to check the availability of equipment, appliances, apparatus and fixtures.

Various technological manipulations with the use of apparatus, instruments (soldering, curing, polishing, machining of prostheses and semi-finished products, etc.) is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer in their operation and use of individual protective equipment of the skin, respiratory organs and sight.

Upon completion of the dental laboratory personnel shall:

  • tidy workplace;
  • to disconnect electrical equipment and appliances or to translate them in a mode specified by the instruction manual;
  • ventilation;
  • to remove sanitary clothes and remove it in the allotted space. To maintain normal condition of skin in the process should:
  • wash hands with water at room temperature (+ 20 C);
  • carefully dry the skin after washing dry with individual towel;
  • to prevent contact with open skin surface of the monomer.

Hand wash is desirable to use a neutral peretiranie Soaps. Treating the skin before work creams should be a defensive type or a mixture of glycerin, water, ammonia and ethyl alcohol in equal parts.

In the accident the dental laboratory staff should notify the senior dental technician or head of production.

In the case of defeat by electric shock and other injuries to act according to the instructions for first aid against electric shock.

Personnel should disconnect electrical equipment and to cause the electrician when the power failure, short circuit, open power supply systems or if there is a smell of burning.

In case of fire must call the fire brigade until the arrival and meeting her to extinguish the fire primary means of fire extinguishing.

Fractured communications systems of water supply, Sewerage, heating and ventilation, preventing the implementation of technological operations, to stop work until the liquidation of the accident.

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