Proper nutrition for women. The recommendation of the nutritionist

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As Socrates said: “There is a need in order to live, not live to eat”. And we women, there is a need to ensure that together with foods to obtain necessary vitamins and nutrients for our health and beauty, harmony and good mood. After all, a properly balanced diet — their main source. So we decided to pay attention to the foods that women should eat more than men.

Olives, avocados and fish

Regularly eating these products, we can be sure that in our body there is sufficient dehydroepiandrosterone, which is responsible for the harmony of our body. It supports metabolism, and promotes the active division of cells and thus our body is in good shape. The more avocado reduces the level of fat and cholesterol in the body.

Aliciaalicia carbohydrates – pasta from high quality flour, bananas, potatoes.

These products contribute to the production in our body of melatonin, the so — called hormone of happiness, which provides us a good mood. He is also responsible for the calm deep sleep, which gives a woman courage, fun and fresh appealing look. Eat these foods should be only with vegetables, no fatty additives that inhibit the production of the hormone of happiness. Banana — source of potassium, lack of which in the body can lead to excessive sweating, therefore it is recommended that daily consumption of one banana.

Banana — a source calicornia pepper, hops and soy products

They are useful primarily for reproductive functions of the female body and the health of the genital organs. They affect the production of estrogen – female sex hormone. Also, these products make our skin smooth and hair strong and thick.

Black pereklubi — pantry women’s health

Women cannot do without cereals with different grains – oats, rice, buckwheat, barley, barley, semolina and others. They contain a complex of substances for women’s health. Fiber and fiber helps in digestion and the minerals and trace elements care about the beauty of the skin and nails.

Hreschatitskoy (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, kiwi, pineapple)

Fruits that contain large amounts of vitamin C, should consume all year. They produce collagen, necessary for our skin to preserve youth and combat wrinkles; and restore muscle tissue. Citrus fruit peels that we usually throw away, no less useful than the fruit itself. You can cut and add to a hot bath, or put on the battery to disinfect the air in the room. Pineapple is good burns fat, so it is good to eat after a hearty meal or just.

Citrus fructi, of course, water!

Drink as much water as you can! It is never enough. Water not only keeps the level of moisture in the body and in the skin, but also helps avoid headaches, cleanses the body of toxins and prevents bloating.

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