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Meditation will allow you to save the youthfulness of the brain

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Scientists came to the conclusion that meditation not only has a positive effect on brain function, but helps to preserve its youth.


One year of meditation will rejuvenate the brain for a year experts from the University of Jena in Germany have shown the effect of meditation on rejuvenation of the brain.

They found that meditation is able to reduce the actual age of the brain was 7.5 years. Scientists believe that this effect is due to the fact that the combination of concentration and relaxation during meditation can help generate new brain cells.

During the experiment, scientists conducted brain scans of 50 men and women whose meditation was part of everyday life. Also, experts have gained a control group consisting of 50 people who never practiced meditation. Experts have estimated that the brain age participants from the control group were, on average, coincide with the actual age of people. Is quite different the picture was from those who regularly meditated – their brains were younger than 7.5 years. So, participants whose actual age was 50 years old, had a brain which matched 42-43 years.

While scientists have determined the dependence that the longer a person meditated, the more significant was the gap between the actual age and the age of the brain. On average, each year meditation rejuvenates the brain, about the same time.

Now scientists are interested to conduct research and to establish whether the meditation to prevent Alzheimer’s disease or to combat its devastating effects.

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