Medicinal properties of clover

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When it comes to Ireland, what comes to mind is a plant that is a symbol of this country – the famous trefoil or red clover. Legends credited with the clover magical properties. In Irish folklore, the Shamrock brings good luck. The Celtic druids used it for making magic talismans and amulets. Clover as a medicinal herb widely used healers of the Ancient East.

Clover — medicinal properties and use in medicine

A brilliant physician Avicenna used the flowers of red clover for healing wounds. He also recommended a decoction of trefoil as diuretics (diuretics) in diseases of the urinary system. In Irish folk medicine, red clover is used to treat bronchitis, anemia, pyelonephritis, fever. The plant has antiseptic, diuretic, astringent, expectorant and haemostatic action. Doctors herbalists recommend the tea from the flowers of clover for the prevention of colds, anemia and spring avitaminosis.

Modern studies have confirmed the medicinal properties of clover and effectiveness of herbal medicines on its basis in the treatment of atherosclerosis with normal physiological pressures. Clover flowers contain a range of biologically active substances. Almost all the main vitamins and antioxidants that are needed by the body are present in the aerial parts of the plant. Clover can be used in food as a source of vitamins b, E, C (ascorbic acid), vitamin K, carotene, zinc, magnesium, cobalt, iron, flavonoids, organic phosphorus and carbohydrates. The roots are found a substance with pronounced anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory activity – tripolitan. Therefore, tinctures prepared from the roots of clover, used for the prevention and treatment of mycosis of the feet and nails.

Complex biological substances clover with regular use, improves metabolism and normalizes the tone of blood vessels. With the blood of the patient to significantly decrease the level of bad cholesterol, improved biochemical indices of lipid metabolism and increases immunity. All this leads to the improvement of the General condition of the body especially when violations of peripheral blood circulation associated with atherosclerosis and increased thrombosis. Disappear ringing in the ears, headaches, dizziness.

Shamrock (Trifolium pratense) is an herb with strong adaptogenic effect on the human body. A phytocomplex based on clover to stimulate the immune system and increase resistance of the organism against pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. Drugs clover will help to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome. Succinic acid stimulates the metabolism and polyphenolic compounds clover protect nervous system cells from oxygen starvation. In addition, the clover improves cerebral blood circulation and mnemonic indicators of the brain (memory and learning). It should be noted that the preparations clover is contraindicated in pregnancy, and because of high biological activity, they must be used under the strict supervision of a physician.

In conclusion would like to say that magical Shamrock is deservedly the hero of numerous legends. Because it helps to cure diseases for thousands of years!

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