Massage and gymnastics from birth to three years

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All parents dream to see their child healthy and strong. Unfortunately, today only a small number of children are born absolutely healthy. Despite a high score on the Apgar scale, put the newborn in maternity hospitals, a significant percentage of kids have certain disorders of the Central nervous system, musculoskeletal, immunological defects. Functional immaturity of the child’s body to a year and still low adaptive capabilities of children up to 3 years creating the need for outside assistance for the normal development of children in this age group. Massage and gymnastics are the most safe and affordable means of helping children to develop normally.

Why the child to do massage and gym

It is much easier to prevent a disease than a years driving children to clinics and rehabilitation centers. Curvature of the spine, chest deformity, disorders of posture, flat feet, umbilical hernia – this is only a small list of the pathologies of today’s children that can be prevented or corrected at an early age. The best prevention of orthopedic problems are massage and gymnastics.

The organs and tissues of the child can only develop if they are constantly loaded and perform their functions. Modern babies from birth to three years, no less than adults, suffer from a lack of physical activity: first, lying in Cribs and strollers, then they sit in Cribs, strollers, high chairs and playpens, then you are in Cribs and playpens. A large percentage of children today are not creeps. They just move from lying position to sitting and then immediately standing up. The first steps to takes place period in five or seven months. To make up for the lack of physical activity have a infant it is possible, in a timely manner, doing him a massage and gymnastics.

The skin under the action of the massage becomes more elastic and flexible muscles are more developed, the bones, due to the stimulation of the periosteum at attachment sites of muscles stronger. Normal venous outflow from the limbs and organs. Stimulates the lymphatic system vessels. Increased blood flow to the soft tissues stimulates the respiratory and cardiovascular systems that provide oxygen to working muscles. For the coordinated action of all the organs and systems involved in motor activity, necessary nervous regulation. Under the influence of massage and gymnastics is the establishment of a balance between processes of excitation and inhibition in the Central nervous system, regulates the work of the pyramidal pathways that are frequently affected in children with neonatal encephalopathy, intracranial hypertension and cysts of the brain.

Baby massage abdomen

An invaluable benefit of massage for the abdominal muscles. Frequent dysbiosis in age from zero to three leads to flatulence, intestinal colic. Stimulation of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall allows to cope with these problems. Normalizing the tonus of the abdominal muscles, not only to prevent an umbilical hernia, but successfully treated their non-running form, saving kids from abdominal surgery under General anesthesia.

For kid play an important role touch. With increasing irritation of tactile receptors is stimulated by the baby’s development not only in physical but also in mental attitude. The child trains the emotional sphere, responding to massage one way or another (smile, “goo-goo”, or even cry). For children over years very important fact indifferent attitudes of adults. Children this age touch during the massage allow to increase a sense of security.

Additional advantages of gymnastics for kids

Gymnastics provides the opportunity to even in a very mediocre living conditions for the child not just move, and move correctly. When learning how to roll over, to sit the right way, to stand right, walk is not only emerging motor skills, but trains and the vestibular apparatus, and adjusted pyramid violations. It is very important to teach a child to crawl before he will stand up or even sit. This allows you to reduce the stress on the immature joints to avoid bone deformations, providing a child from six months to a year of required physical activity. In older children exercises is the prevention of not only diseases, but also domestic injuries. If the child is able to coordinate to move, go around or overcome obstacles, not stutters when walking or running, parents, life is much easier and safer. Promptly corrected by exercises defects of complex motor skills allow children to move seamlessly from one physical activity to another, without the forced load on the spine.

Separately to say about the beneficial effects of gymnastics on the hands. Properly developed fine motor skills of fingers is directly connected with the processes of thinking, memory. Well-developed skills muscles of the hand allow children in the future to avoid serious problems in learning in school.

The basic principles of massage and gymnastics

  • Massage and gymnastics are not performed at a hungry child or immediately after a meal, if the child has a fever or is crying.
  • The room should be aired.
  • Massage performed before exercise.
  • In infants are the first massage of specific muscle groups, and then active movement of the same group. This principle allows to relax muscles and prevent them from injury amid physiologically high tone of the flexor muscles.
  • Begin the massage with stroking, turning to rubbing and pinching.
  • Complexes of massage and gymnastics are selected individually, taking into account the child’s age and his existing health defects.

It is important to remember that the physical and mental welfare of the child is laid in the first years of life. In the future, the only possible correction of the admitted miscalculations.

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