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Lunch with health benefits

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Lunch break is a great chance to not only eat, but also to remake a mass of personal business, relax, in General, to be distracted from work by health benefits. Everyone knows – long tension and stress inevitably reduce performance. To avoid this – run for lunch. Waiver of full break is not proof of your durability, it is rather a confirmation of your lack of foresight. Be wiser.

About tasty and healthy food

Interruptions need for each of us, and regular. The best option – one long lunch break (from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the internal regulations of the organization) and several short – 10 minutes every 2-3 hours.

From hard long work in humans, decreased attention and productivity, the likelihood of errors increases, the mood usually deteriorates. To restore physical strength and mental health will help lunch. But not dense meal with a triple courses plus compote, and a light and healthy snack. For example, soup and salad, or only main course. Try not to drink with meals because liquid (coffee, juice) is not conducive to digestion. Keep in mind, the more you eat, the worse will be able to “work the head”. The fact is that when you receive food into the body stream of blood pours from the heart and brain, rushing to the stomach to digest your favorite Caesar salad. Remember the saying: life is a struggle. After Breakfast we fight hunger, after lunch, sleeping. But you have to work.

Perfect lunch office worker – protein with a small amount of carbohydrates. Fish or chicken with vegetable salad, a serving of cottage cheese with fruit, bananas. An hour after dinner drink a Cup of green tea, ginger beverage, kefir.

Get ready for charging

Lunch break can be planned so that time was enough for a meal and a light workout. It is understood that after the chicken Kiev is unlikely you will press from the wall in the meeting room but to stretch and rotate the feet, removing shoes, can quite. Simple charging takes some 5-7 minutes and will bring you invaluable: tense muscles relax, blood flow will increase, will increase overall body tone.
Scientists from the USA conducted a survey among 200 office workers and eventually established a direct link between physical activity, good mood and high work capacity. 72% of respondents confirmed that their mood had improved, if they carried out exercises during the day, 74% of respondents better work, and 21% of staff was able to concentrate.

Without interrupting production

Traditional Russian snacks at work – tea, coffee and buns – sadly reflected at the waist. Help – simple but very effective office exercises. It can be done right in the workplace, so that colleagues won’t notice.

Exercise for waist: inspiratory bulge, as you exhale, draw the belly. If you are uncomfortable, just learn to do this exercise with a maximum voltage not synchronizing it with the breath.

Exercise for the hips: just contract and relax the feet, try to stand still in this position as long as possible. Tighten the buttocks sitting on a chair.

Exercise for calf muscles: tighten the ankle perfectly simple child’s play. Sitting on a chair, pripodnimaet on his toes and slowly lower yourself.

Exercise for cervical vertebrae: do some rotational head movements – clockwise and counterclockwise. So you remove the tension in the cervical spine, and if you’re lucky, and you will be saved from headaches.

Personal interest

As for the Labor code lunch break is not included in the workplace, you have every right to dispose of 30 or 60 minutes of freedom at its own discretion. Do not chew sadly the sandwich in the corporate dining room, do not squeeze the calf muscles, staring in the window…

As practice shows, at lunchtime it is possible to alter a lot of useful things: meet with a friend to go on a date to a Museum or shop, cure tooth, picking up the dry cleaning, walk the dog, and even, Yes, to be interviewed. But we will, of course, did not. And during lunch break to increase their capitalization and to engage in personal growth, at least, to learn a foreign language.

Forward March!

The best rest is a change of pictures and activities, especially for an office employee. Therefore, during lunch break, sit in a nearby Park with a book, watch fuss of the kids in the sandbox, and finally… relax! Or, on the contrary, to walk briskly. And head rest, and the muscle will be loaded. Most importantly, to keep pace.

Invite for a walk colleague, discuss news – it will distract from the work process and establish better communication.

Feats in dreams and reality

While my colleagues absorb a business lunch, you can… to save the planet or become President. How? It’s very simple – enough to run on the computer favorite game. RPG shooter, strategy, adventure, what else are there? Exciting, good for the psyche – you switched from one activity to another, but harmful to the eyes – you’re again in front of the monitor. Yes, and colleagues envious can tell who should, then it is not justified that used to “eat” that way.

No less controversial but very effective tip is to take a NAP in my Desk chair. Learn like a spy, to disconnect for 20-30 minutes at lunch, and your productivity will dramatically increase.

Escape to another reality

Lunchtime is a time for meditation and breathing practices. Take off your shoes, sit back on the chair, try to relax your body as much as possible. Concentrate on a particular subject: photos on the Desk calendar with bright pictures. defocused eyes, stop thinking. Breathe deeply and steadily. To achieve the blissful state of balance will help relax-the music that you have uploaded the house to the player.

Take a mental journey somewhere beautiful, safe and comfortable place. Try as best you can imagine yourself on the beach, in the woods, on a mountain path surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Look, listen, sniff and feel it. A light touch of fresh breeze, the rustle of the waves…You are calm, you are now perfectly calm. Not in a hurry to return to the real world, do it slowly, “step by step”.

To each his own

Indeed, the lunch break should take place in a healthy environment, but to get the maximum benefit, it is necessary to understand their true needs and to act to the contrary.

For example, if you work alone and, especially, at the computer, dealing with the technique, then during lunch you need to go out “into the world.” To communicate with people, to do exercises, how to stretch.
If you are constantly in motion and communicate with a large number of people, on the contrary, leave to yourself. Sit down with a book, meditate, try to imagine the world in the perfect place on Earth, as you imagine.

Most importantly – spend lunchtime with pleasure and benefit. And instead of spending precious minutes on the outrage on the social networks, briskly, go for a walk. And be sure to eat something light and healthy. After all that food and energy will increase, and the mood will rise. And work again will be a joy!

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