Low blood pressure: how to deal with it

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About low blood pressure (hypotension) say, if it is below 95/65. There are such unpleasant consequences, as the insufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the heart, brain and other organs of the human body. That sounds ominous, and even tragic, but, fortunately, in most cases, is harmless. Many people have low pressure, without noticing any problems.

However, there are those who have complaints of dizziness, blackouts, headaches, feeling cold in the extremities, pallor, fatigue, insomnia, tingling in the heart area.

How do you win all these unpleasant sensations? Here are some top tips experts.

1. Drink plenty of liquids
You must drink per day two to three liters of fluid. It is good to drink a glass of water immediately before the morning rise.

2. Slowly get out of bed
In the morning you need to get out of bed very slowly. Hard sit up in bed and stretch before getting up.

3. Douche
Morning douche energizes and stimulates circulation. But there is one condition: a contrast shower you should always finish with cold water.

4. A balanced diet
In people with low blood pressure should be balanced nutrition. You need to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. In fact, it is useful to all. But the following recommendation is more specific: hypotensive need in sufficient quantity to consume table salt and other mineral supplements. Salty crackers or pretzels for Breakfast will energize blood circulation.

5. Plenty of movement!
Running and swimming is also great for stimulating blood circulation.

6. Do not pass up the sauna
The same is and visit at least once a week sauna. In General, any hydrotherapy is useful hypotensive.

7. Restful sleep
For people with impaired circulation is extremely important a good night’s sleep.

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