Liver cleansing vegetable oil

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Continue with the previously initiated topic “ways of cleansing the liver” and will focus in detail on one of them – cleansing the liver with vegetable (preferably olive) oil.

Scheme of cleansing the liver with vegetable oils consists of several consecutive stages:

  • all week prior to the procedure, you must stick to a sparing diet, completely excluding fatty foods, whole milk, alcohol and minimizing meat products (vegetarian diet pre-cleanse the colon from chronic “deposits”);
  • on the evening of the day preceding the procedure (19.00) should be magnesium sulfate or any other laxative. You can not do this, but in this case, shows a complete refusal to eat immediately after Breakfast, which for obvious reasons is seen by many without much enthusiasm;
  • before going to bed (21.00) massive gastric lavage, cleansing enemas. Water consumption should be at least 6 years;
  • the day of the procedure, starting from 8.00 am and then every 1-2 hours is recommended to drink half a Cup of fresh Apple juice. This simple diet should be maintained throughout the day except for a juice or drink, or eat nothing more;
  • before the procedure, at 20.00, you need to take a pill allohol, previously triturated with a small amount of water. Permitted to replace allochol solution shpy (2 ml per 50 ml of water). Such pharmacological support is used to expand the vessels, eliminating smooth muscle spasms and facilitate the discharge of stones from the bile ducts;
  • the procedure starts at 21.00: 50ml olive (optimally) or other vegetable oil should drink small SIPS, squeezed lemon juice (30 ml of juice for the entire procedure). You then lie on your right side, resting on his warm heating pad, push your knees to your chest and stay in a “fetal position” to 23.00;
  • the next morning at 6.00 should make a volume enema (5 liters of water), after which during the day shows a home mode, because the process of detoxification requires a long time. On this day, it is recommended to follow a vegetarian diet and eat small portions. You can enter in the diet of steamed vegetables, and salads based on vegetable oil;
  • the following week the diet should be gentle and not to go beyond the bounds of common rationality. Then (but not necessarily) you can return to your normal diet.

This technique, however, using purely olive oil has been known as “the method N..Semenova” and causes a lot of trust in doctors because of the personality of the author who is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. You should pay attention to the fact that cleansing the liver according to method N..Semenova provides for mandatory preliminary study of the liver. Also, as this liver flush involves the release of stones from bile ducts, in order to prevent blockage of the last major stones necessary to conduct a preliminary ultrasound examination of the gallbladder.

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