Liver cleansing herbs

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Let us consider another of the previously mentioned ways to clean your liver – cleansing with the help of infusions of medicinal herbs.

There are many combinations of creating herbal cleansing the liver. Most of them you can prepare yourself, but the best option appears to be buying the required plant material at your local pharmacy: fortunately, modern pharmaceutical industry developed procurement of the widest range of medicinal herbs. In this article you will learn about two of the most popular and effective charges for the purification of the intoxicated liver.

Truepenny therapeutic herbs to clean the liver

We will need the following objects of the vegetable world: St. John’s wort, grass bearberry, corn stigmas, knotweed (knot). The cooking method is quite simple: take a tablespoon of each herb, from the heart mixed, the resulting mixture is poured into two liters of boiling water and put on low heat for another 10 minutes. After these manipulations, the capacity is wrapped in grandmother’s shawl and infused for half an hour. Ready. Take this decoction should be not less than one month: first two weeks — 100 ml half an hour before Breakfast, the second for two weeks — 200 ml. At the end of the course of herbal medicine should take a two-week vacation during which it is recommended to pamper yourself daily with a decoction of oats (2 tablespoons boil for 15 minutes and drink instead of tea). “Esotropia” crowned one-month control rate of admission of the cleaning Assembly.

The second herbal to cleanse the liver

The collection No. 2: corn silk, rosehips, Helichrysum, raisins, lemon juice. The collection is prepared as follows: is taken as half a tablespoon of herbs immortelle, corn silk, a tablespoon of rose hips and 100 g raisins. This whole “mix” is filled with one and a half liters of boiling water, and then kept on the heat for another 5 minutes and infuse for half an hour. The infusion is filtered, and to it is added the last ingredient — lemon juice. A method of receiving received “potion” is: in “X” day drink a half Cup of made on the eve of the decoction/infusion, in an hour taken any laxative medication and done enema. Then, you should lie on your right side, tentatively placing it on a heating pad and wrapped in blankets. Half an hour later have to leave the toxins. If not, then another enema to help. This day should be lived from hand to mouth, “eating” only mineral water with honey without gas, green tea (with sugar) and Apple juice. After the cleaning procedure is recommended at least one week to refrain from gluttony and eat only healthy food. Repeated course is possible after 1.5-2 months.

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