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Live long: 10 healthy habits that will help You live longer

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Your habits will affect Your health in the future. Both good and bad habits influence the maintenance of healthy body weight, the risk of disease and emotional well-being. Many of You know that a sedentary lifestyle, Smoking, alcohol abuse and eating fatty foods are bad habits, are You aware of about healthy habits to those that increase life expectancy. Below we list you some of them.

Daily use dental floss

Daily flossing will not only help You to maintain the health of the oral cavity, but also to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. According to the researches of medical center of the University of Maryland, periodontal disease is directly linked to the development of heart disease. Failure to floss can lead to the development of gum diseases that lead to inflammation. This inflammation, in turn, leads to narrowing of the arteries that can lead to heart disease.


This is one of the easiest habits which You need to acquire in order to live longer. Car accident is one of the most common causes of death for people of all ages and the most common – people aged five to 34 years. The seat belt should pass Your hips, and the shoulder belt across the chest.

Spend more time with their Pets

Pets are a source of devotion and love. Therapy animals shows excellent results, because for the time that You spend with a pet, the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, in the body decreases. Whether You love cats or dogs often play with them, walk, or just enjoy their presence nearby.

Eat fruits and vegetables at least three times a day

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a source of important nutrients that Your body needs. Try to get in the habit of eating fruits or vegetables with each meal. Diversify the diet to get more vitamins and minerals when You buy vegetables, take note of their color, get red, dark green or yellow vegetables.

Drink green tea

Green tea has a number of benefits for your health that can increase life expectancy, for example, reducing the risk of developing certain types of cancer, e.g., colon cancer, bladder and breast cancer. According to research conducted by the Harvard school of medicine, regular consumption of green tea also helps to boost “good” cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. So make it a habit to drink several cups a day. Brew tea for about 15 minutes to get the maximum effect.

Move more

One of the simplest and most effective things that can increase life expectancy and improve health, are physical exercises. According to research by the centers for control and disease prevention, exercise is one of the essential for maintaining health factors. They reduce Your risk of developing heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. You will be enough 150 minutes of moderate fitness on a weekly basis.

Get enough sleep

Constant sleep deprivation can take years off of Your life. Despite the fact that occasional night without sleep will have long-lasting negative effects, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to health problems. According to research Cornwallthe University, constant sleep deprivation can lead to increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and emotional disorders. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night for a normal healthy life.

Spend time with friends

Spending time with family and friends is not only pleasant, but also can help You to live longer. Studies have shown that people the risk of developing heart disease is much higher. Despite the fact that the pace of modern life sometimes makes it almost impossible to find time for family, try to turn a walk with family and friends in priority, because it is useful not only for Your soul but for the body.

Don’t overeat to satiety

Sometimes less is better, especially when it comes to eating and life expectancy. If You eat until then, until you feel satiety – this means that You get food with more calories than actually Your body needs. Turn it into a habit to stop eating the moment You no longer feel hungry, but when You have “can’t get up from the table” – thus You reduce the number of daily consumed calories. Despite the fact that to explore this question more research is needed, some experiments with animals have shown that eating 40% fewer calories can increase life expectancy.

Engage in volunteer work

Volunteer work can also help You to live a long life, because it gives a sense of purpose, helps to deal with loneliness and improves Your overall emotional state. Find for yourself what you think is important – and do it. You will improve not only the lives of others, but his own.

Struggle with bad habits takes time, and the same time and requires the acquisition of healthy habits. Start with proposed by us, and remember that even small changes can increase Your chances of a long and healthy life. Remember that healthy habits not only prolong life but improve its quality.

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