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Training dental laboratory of the clinic of orthopedic stomatology is intended for training students of the basic technological methods of prosthetics before entering the clinic. Thus, training in this laboratory includes:

  • strengthening the basic theoretical knowledge of the students on the various sections of the profession in the first place in applied science, functional anatomy of the chewing-the vocal apparatus, the main technological processes and technologies for various therapeutic and prophylactic prostheses and devices;
  • the development of manual skills required in the technology and restoration of dental implants throughout the academic year under the supervision of the teacher and independent work of students with the semi-finished prosthesis outside the classroom under the control of the laboratory technician (after receipt of the admission on the basics of safety in the operation of devices, apparatuses and devices used in the technology of certain prostheses).

Training is provided by the dental laboratory jobs dental technician, equipped in full with the relevant modern machines, instruments, devices and tools.

In addition, like any other classroom of the University, the laboratory has the necessary equipment (including technical training) for seminars and practical classes.

Most of the manipulations that students should master is described in the relevant sections of the textbook.

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