Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy

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When talking about anemia during pregnancy, most often referring to iron deficiency anemia. Why are pregnant women so vulnerable to this disease? Due to the increased needs of the body of the mother in is required for hematopoiesis substances, for now iron should also fetus.

Add to this the high level of estrogen toxicosis in the early stages, which is required for hematopoiesis trace elements are not absorbed in the digestive tract properly — and you will get perfect soil for the development of anemia.

Anemia in beremennostej threat of iron-deficiency anemia during pregnancy?

It creates the preconditions for a complicated pregnancy and a difficult birth, and can also slow down or even disrupt fetal development. Everyone knows about morning sickness during pregnancy. So: most likely this unpleasant phenomenon has a place in iron deficiency anemia. Premature birth, miscarriage, hemorrhage during childbirth and infections after them — all the dubious “merit” of iron deficiency anemia. Suffering from anemic mothers with a high probability to be born is the same child is anemic, as iron stores that the fruit will form with the mother’s body, would not be enough for independent existence.

How to treat anemia during pregnancy

The diet, iron deficiency anemia can not cope, because the iron from foods is absorbed much worse than from pharmacological agents. In anemia of pregnant women as a corrective means using drugs of bivalent iron (sorbifer Durules, ferrum Lek, Maltofer), allowing you to take the medicine less often, in one to two doses. It is reasonable in the additional intake of folic acid, but preferably combined preparations containing iron along with folic acid (Guinot-Tardiferon, Maltofer Foul). Treatment long, it should not cease and after normalization of the hemoglobin level.

By the way, reception of iron supplements during pregnancy needs to be elevated to mandatory not only when the anaemia, but also in the preventive purposes. The best time for this is 2 and 3 trimester of pregnancy and first six months of breastfeeding.

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