Iron deficiency anemia: causes, symptoms, treatment

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Iron deficiency anemia — without exaggeration, the most common form of anemia. Too great a contingent that is included in the risk group: this is without exception, women of childbearing age (especially pregnant and lactating), children up to 3 years, Teens are in a period of rapid growth and older people, regardless of age.

The share of iron-deficiency anaemia is about 80% of all anemias.
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Causes of iron deficiency anemia

The presence of adequate levels of iron in the body depends largely on what we eat. If the unbalanced diet, irregular meal consumed not the products, then all these will cause lack of receipt of iron into the organism with food. By the way, the main food sources of iron — meat: meat, liver, fish. Relatively much iron in eggs, beans, beans, soybeans, peas, nuts, raisins, spinach, prunes, pomegranates, buckwheat, black bread.

During biological existence of man there are periods when significantly increases the body’s need for iron. To such an extent that even the gastrointestinal tract can “learn” the required amount of iron. We are talking about childhood and adolescence, marked by rapid growth and development, the period of carrying a child (need of the fetus for iron is one-third of all maternal “reserves”) and breastfeeding (part of the iron “takes” breast milk).

Sometimes a gland in the body receives enough, but because of problems with digestion (chronic gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis, dysbacteriosis) impaired absorption of iron in the blood.

Lack of iron in the body can be a consequence of blood loss. Menstrual, birth, postoperative bleeding, chronic “leakage” of blood in ulcer of the stomach or duodenum 12, hemorrhoidal bleeding, all this is not conducive to the maintenance of an adequate level of iron.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia

Breakage and peelability nostaglia why you need iron in the body? For hematopoiesis. Will not iron, no hemoglobin is normal erythrocytes. Disrupted the whole system of hematopoiesis. Iron is also an important component of several cellular enzymes that stimulate the growth and regeneration of cells and tissues. So, its lack of adverse impact on these processes.

Hence “derived from” clinical manifestations of anemia, represented by two groups of symptoms: associated with a decrease in hemoglobin (anemic) and inhibition of cellular enzymes (sideropenic).

To anemic symptoms include weakness, shortness of breath, tachycardia, dizziness, chronic fatigue.

Sideropenic symptoms are represented by changes in the skin (dryness, roughness, “zaedy” in the corners of the mouth, cracks on heels), nails (splitting, brittle), hair (dryness, breakage, loss). Observed dry mouth, taste perversion (the desire to “eat” chalk, paper, raw dough, and even ground), frequent respiratory infections.

Diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia

The basis of the diagnosis of anemia — a common blood test. It clearly shows a decrease in the level of red blood cells, changing their shape and color intensity, the decrease of total hemoglobin.

Treatment of iron deficiency anemia

General analysis of blood the Treatment with iron preparations. 2-3 months of taking iron based 100-200 mg per day, then reduce the dosage and “sitting” on 30-60 mg of drug for another 2-4 months. The first stage of the intense saturation of the body with iron is carried out with the aim of raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood, the second supporting stage to replenish its reserves in the liver. Here are a few iron supplements which are successfully applied to eliminate iron-deficiency anemia:

  • Maltofer (Switzerland). There is a choice among tablets, syrup, solution for injections and oral administration, drops;
  • Sorbifer Durules (Hungary). There is only pills;
  • Tardiferon (France) tablets;
  • Ferroplex (Hungary) in tablet;
  • Ferrum-Lek (Slovenia). Release form — solution for injections, tablets and syrup;
  • Totem (France) in the form of a solution for intake.

In most cases, the drug taken prior to a meal (but not for ulcers and gastritis). It is impossible to wash it down with products that bind iron (tea, coffee, milk). Don’t be afraid if after some time of taking iron blackened teeth — a characteristic side effect of taking iron drops. In addition, you can expect nausea, gastrointestinal disorders (abdominal pain, constipation).

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