If the air conditioner is dangerous to your health?

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With the invention of air conditioning, we have a great opportunity to make your life easier: to escape the heat and stuffiness in the summer, warm in the cooler seasons. Nevertheless, many people are not in a hurry to buy this miracle of progress, because they believe the air conditioning was dangerous to health. How justified are these fears, and how to reduce the risk to a minimum?

The debate about the benefits and dangers of air conditioners do not cease for more than 100 years since the creation of the first installation, which decreases air temperature. This unit is a popular character of horror stories about the unknown phenomena, like the Loch ness monster or Bigfoot. Let’s try to figure out if he’s dangerous air.

Causing the common cold

People who are a long time in air-conditioned rooms, the vast majority of cases, office workers often complain of a runny nose and the endless cold. Get sick, of course, it is no wonder if a strong jet of cooled air blows to the head or lower back. But the cause of the malady in the ill-conceived installation of air conditioner, and not in his presence. Before using a particular device, it is necessary to carefully read the manual.

Protect your health: change the possible place of deployment in the office, shifted to the line threat of “coolness”. If this is not possible, try to negotiate with colleagues to include conditioner in your absence, for example, when you dine or in the negotiations.

The source of viruses

There is a perception that air conditioning is the breeding ground for many different viruses, such as influenza, SARS. This statement is absolutely groundless, since modern air conditioners that are equipped with the vast majority of offices have a multi-stage filter system, including antibacterial, UV. In addition, the more fresh indoor air, the less it viruses.

The biggest horror story about the dangers of conditioning associated with the statement that he allegedly calls “Legionnaires ‘ disease” Legionnaires ‘ disease. The name is associated with the American Legion, an organization founded in the USA in 1919, which unites the citizens of this country – participants of various wars. It at the next Congress of the Legion in 1976 in Philadelphia “unknown” then illness claimed the lives of 34 delegates.

To date, scientists have deciphered the genome of only one of the Legionella – Legionella pneumophila, which causes severe pneumonia. For infection you need to inhale the causative agent – the virus contained in water aerosol. Whether it’s a shower, a drinking fountain and, allegedly, the flow of air from the air conditioner.

The latter belief is completely unfounded, as Legionella bacteria live and reproduce only in an aqueous medium at a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius. In modern air conditioners the condensate temperature is slightly above zero degrees and any moisture instantly deleted from the system. That’s why since 1976, not only in Russia but in the world there was not a single case of legionellosis caused by a window air conditioner or split system.

The enemy of harmony

The conditioner will not make you sick with Legionnaires ‘ disease, but can cause harm to your body could. How? The fact that to maintain a constant body temperature during changes in atmospheric temperatures, our body uses energy, i.e. burns calories. If the AirCon in the room day in and day blows warm air (24 degrees Celsius), the process of burning calories will not start. Plus a hearty business lunch, a sedentary job and the weight you provided.

Dry the air

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in most of them complain that the air conditioning dries the air. In fact, the average split system takes away from the atmosphere of the office to 2 liters of water per hour. But be wary of the fact that the air conditioning dry the air in the room, and thereby injurious to health, still, it is not necessary. Modern klimattekhnika allows you to specify not only the temperature but the preferred level of humidity.

The main source of dry air – no air conditioning, and Central heating radiator. Especially if he is not equipped with a thermostat. At least to save the situation and to moisturize the skin, cosmetologists offer the employees of the offices of the daily use of thermal water. Let remedy proven brand like eye drops like “natural tears” will always be at hand. This simple measure will allow you to keep health and an attractive appearance.

Use for the body and soul

No matter how much we abused the conditioning, they say, and get cold from it, and air dries it, the fact remains: this wonderful unit has a very important function, it clears the air.

Western scholars are not lazy and have estimated that up to 90% of the time a modern person spends in the room. In the average Metropolitan office for the year accumulated several tens of kilograms of dust, the atmosphere in the room 4-6 times dirtier than outdoor. Cleaning does not save the situation, because neither a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth can catch dust particles less than 10 microns. Despite the futile efforts of the cleaners they hang in the air and create an atmosphere of dust.

Modern air conditioners clean the air. Filters advanced models not only capture dust particles, but also defuse potentially dangerous allergens. Some models enrich the air with oxygen and ionize it.

If your office is equipped with the more simple conditioning, take the initiative into their own hands – Selenite room. Put next to the computer a small pot of Chlorophytum. This unpretentious plant is clears the air, saturating it with oxygen, and pleasing to the eye.

Safety rules

Air conditioning is as useful a device as a mobile phone or iron, but to really benefit, you should be able to use it. The basic rules of operation are as follows:

  • do not sit under the air distribution flaps set in such a position that the flow of air passing over your head, at least 30-40 cm
  • temperature drop air the room-street should not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. The smaller this difference, the lower the risk of catching a cold.

To argue about the benefits and dangers of conditioning can be long, but believe me, the person who at least 40 hours a week is in a stuffy room, the efficiency tends to zero, and the risk of tachycardia is growing rapidly!

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