How to remove an ingrown nail?

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One of the most painful and excruciating is the pain caused by the ingrown nail into the skin. What to do when this scourge? And how to remove the ingrown nail without surgery?

Ingrown nail

First, we need to understand what promotes ingrown nail into the skin. This can be caused by different reasons, but the most common is the uncomfortable shoes. Narrow, constantly pressing on the toe shoes which, in your opinion, are too beautiful to discard them in the end cause very serious consequences. To provoke disease can incorrect or untimely trimming of the nail.

Treatment of ingrown nail

Remember, be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe you a treatment.
At the initial stage of ingrown nail, you can do a gradual putting a pad under it. In this case, the pain begins to take place, and, in the end, the nail will straighten out. But it is in the simplest case. Most often a simple show of nail is not necessary. One way of removing ingrown toenail is a surgical intervention. Doctors will cut you a nail, and gradually it will re-grow, but the recovery period is quite long, and care for him will have several times more, and all this will be accompanied by cutting pain.

Therefore, to alleviate the suffering had invented a new method. Removal is not only ingrown toenail and ingrown only to the finger part, practicing this method is laser surgery. The procedure is painless. Laser correction occurs during any stage of growing, from prevention to the point where walking is simply impossible.

In any case, to proceed with the removal of ingrown nail is not worth it. Believe me, the nail will not fall out, and if you just ignore the aching finger of attention, the disease will begin to progress and then just have to cut off your finger to save your life, because the blood poisoning, and later it can end in death.

Do not take care about your health, and you will have problems!!!

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