How to increase your confidence

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Self – confidence is one of the main criteria of human evaluation. This is one of the basic qualities, but at the same time elusive. A confident person can be easily identified in the crowd raised his head and solid step. If you are a person of this type, you will easily get everything that you want. How does one become such a confident person and to be always on top?

How to develop confidence

First of all, let’s start with the most simple. Sit in a chair and remember the most pleasant moments when you were on top. Perhaps it is in the school when graduating, in a sports match when you have to depend the final score. That is, remember all that when you were joyful and happy. Look at your memories from two sides – from the inside, looking at the past from the eyes (that is exactly how it happened) and from others (the way you seemed to others at the time). Now we need to associate some action with these events. For instance, when you click your fingers you will remember the joyful moments. Practice, it will be very useful. This can be used in situations when you have nothing, you snap your fingers and open the second breath. Meanwhile POPs up a good memory, and confidence.

As a confident man should behave

Act as you see fit. It’s your life, your behavior. Let others think you’re crazy, but you live as you like and only doing what really like. At the same time, do not break the rules by which society lives.

Never before anyone not justified. Do as you see fit. No need to justify his actions, if you did – so I had to.

Don’t let others and yourself to consider ourselves more stupid than the other. You are not worse than others, and in some ways even better. If you criticize the case, you can listen, but if you think that criticism is not deserved, then simply ignore it and the person who says it.

Do not worry if you make mistakes and blunders. This is normal, it happens to everyone. In the future, just be more attentive to this situation is not repeated.

View a few favourite TV series and programs. One of the main characters of the picture you would like to be like. Examine their style of dress, their manner of speaking, communicating with others. Look at yourself in the mirror and try to become that character or maybe several characters.

All questions are answered accurately, short and precise sentences. If you ask a question that can be answered in the affirmative or in the negative, then only answer. Don’t need any extra water, stories, excuses.

If you are asked to do something for another person on a gratuitous basis, deny. Learn to refuse requests from other people. Let them take offense, but you have a lot of free time, and you will do your job.

Be more well-read. Learn more literature and become an expert in one or in several areas.

No need to talk loudly. The louder you talk, the more you ignore. Speak clearly, slowly, almost in a subdued voice that others listen to you.

Look at her eyes. In conversation with a man try all the time to look your partner in the eye. Thus, you will show your superiority, confidence in his statements.

By following these small rules, you will achieve confidence in themselves, their abilities and capabilities.

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