How to bring down the temperature of the child: all about high temperatures in babies

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There is a perception that the high temperature is something negative, profane, what is necessary to get rid of, so quickly. This thesis is a little untrue. The increase in body temperature up to a certain limit — a response of the body to bacterial or viral infection to speed up getting rid of uninvited guests.

The excess heat produced by our body, significantly complicates the pathogens life. The upper limit of normal for body temperature, as you know — 37 s, Respectively, when the temperature overcomes this boundary, the person begins to experience fever, chills and all the other “charms” of this state. Adult individual rise in temperature to 39.4 C shall cause concerns: the situation can be controlled. The child — quite another matter: even a small rise in temperature may indicate serious trouble. The symptoms accompanying the fever may include a disorder of appetite, irritability, tearfulness and abnormal drowsiness and indifference to what is happening, if we talk about babies, frequent regurgitation, irritability, avoidance of eye contact and indifference are the basis to seek medical help.

Thermometers reviews

Normal temperature in a child should be in the range of 36-36,8 ºC. But how do you know it if you present symptoms do not give clear understanding of the situation? Naturally, with the help of thermometer. Mercury thermometers reviews are gradually dying away his age. Mercury is an extremely toxic substance that can enter the body through the skin or respiratory tract. Just imagine what can happen if the glass envelope of such a thermometer is inadvertently broken. Children are children. Therefore, at present most experts recommended to measure body temperature in children using digital thermometers reviews. This makes the process faster and safer, and performance — reliable.

How to measure the temperature of the child

The temperature of the child can be measured in the mouth, the armpit, the ear, the anus and even on the surface of the skin. The most reliable are the figures obtained by rectal measurement of body temperature, but this method is more commonly used in hospitals and in home detention regime the urgent need, therefore, parents are advised not to resort to it. By the way, the thermometer, placed in the anus, will be on average 0.5 ºC higher than the measurements in the mouth or ear. Temperature measurement in the armpit are not a model of precision. Temperature measurements with an average 0.5 ºC lower than mouth. In most cases, any ultra-precise measurements of the temperature of a child is not required, therefore this method has quite the right to life.

Temperature measurement in the ear is carried out using a special thermometer. This is the fastest method (the procedure takes a few seconds) based on measuring reflected from the tympanic membrane of a beam of infrared radiation.

Temperature measurement under the arm of young children is quite difficult, since they rarely get to sit quietly for at least 5 minutes. This method is more suitable for older children who can be persuaded to sit quietly.

Temperature measurement in the mouth is not suitable for small children who might bite the thermometer, thereby violating the integrity of his shell and hurting himself. But in older children the mouth can serve as the most appropriate place to relieve indicators of body temperature. The thermometer is placed under the tongue for 2-3 minutes. If the child before the procedure drink cold drinks or eat cold food, you should wait 10 minutes before measuring.

How to bring down the temperature of the child

In bacterial and viral infections to bring down the temperature of the child in that case, if the thermometer exceeded 38,5 ºC. This can be done by physical methods and with medication, the first one absolutely does not exclude the second. Child with high fever is not recommended needless to wear or wrap a blanket (read more in the article “High fever in a child: what to do?”). It must often drink water, allowed wiping with a damp towel. In water for rubdowns, you can put a few drops of acetic acid.

Dosage forms are different (see photo syrup)

As for the drug, in the case of children it is necessary to forget about such antipyretic remedies as dipyrone and aspirin, which, because of its side effects (pain, for example, in many countries it is considered a poison and long banned) in this case is absolutely contraindicated. Safer for children are paracetamol (tsefekon, daleron) and ibuprofen (Nurofen, brufen, faspic, ibufen, Advil). There are combinations of paracetamol and ibuprofen — brusten, nekst, ibuklin Junior. The effect of paracetamol less ibuprofen than long (2-3 hours vs 6-8) so he has to take it often. Dosage form is selected depending on circumstances and objectives. Tablets act faster candles (already in 15-20 minutes instead of 30-40), but last longer retain the pharmacological effect and do not cause problems with reception. Strictly follow the instructions, specified in the dosage, as an overdose of paracetamol in children is very dangerous! The child should drink a lot, but not a lot at once, and often several SIPS. For these purposes, best suited to drinks such as fruit drinks, herbal teas, water with lemon, teas. If a child has been the cooling of the extremities, pallor, drowsiness, in this case further shows vasodilators (no-Spa, papaverine) or antihistamines (suprastin).

One last caveat: it is not necessary to bring down the temperature of the child, that is, “zero”: even if they decrease by 1-1. 5 degrees is already a success. Moreover, a sharp decrease in temperature can expose the child’s body severe stress.

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